Amtrak train collision causes derailment in South Carolina

At least 2 people reported dead and more than 70 injured.
5:06 | 02/04/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amtrak train collision causes derailment in South Carolina
We need to start with a breaking news. There's been a crash outside Columbia South Carolina lie. This comes on the heels of other incidents with amtrak. Ron is here with the latest. This happened after 2:30 this rn 0ing. At least two people reported dead and 70 injured. Amtrak train 91 caring 179 passengers running from New York to Miami. The NTSB has sent people to the scene in Casey, South Carolina. This comes after another deadly derailment after a train hurling off an overpass in Donald Trump pont. Now this accident in south Carolina. Ron, thank you. Joining us now is a passenger who was on the train when it crashed. Thank you for joining us. What can you tell us about the moment of impact. I was asleep at the moment of impact. After th- I mean it was -- everybody was just in shock. Everybody was stiered. So it was calm. The amtrak crew was very professional getting everyone gathered. First responders showed up really quick. It's been a pretty stressful morning. Everybody seems to be taking it fairly well. You said everybody was sleeping at the time of impact. It happened roughly at 2:30 in the morning. What did the impact feel like when the amtrak train hit the freight train? I don't know. Just the only thing I know is I was kind of just tossed up against the side of the car. I hit my head and just minor injuries. It was so serene where I was in the train. It felt like a really bad car accident. We're happy to hear your injuries are minor. We unfortunately know at least two people did not survive. As you were let off the train you described it as orderly. Did you see many injured and possibly even fatalities? Didn't see any fatalities. I saw a few people with much more injuries than myself. Looked like broken bones. Other than that I didn't see much of anythi You said the response was very orderly. We mow the red cross is taking the wounded to a nearby middle school. What has the response been like? I'm sorry. Can you repeat the question? We know the red cross responded to the scene. They're taking the wounded to a nearby middle school. What was the response like? The response was great. I don't know about taking people to the shelter. I went straight to the hospital and was discharged. I'm not at the shelter. I see people trickling in. You have 40 to 60 folks. I imagine you feel pretty lucky to be alive this morning considering what happened. Yes. All right. We want to thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us on "Gma" this morning. Aboc's Stephanie Ramos is in D.C. With response to the question. Details are still unfolding at this hour. We know the NTSB in Washington is on the way to the state. They're sending a go team. It will consist of a dozen investigators and support staff. They're working closely with fishes in South Carolina. The NTSB will take the lead. They'll look at cameras and video from the train to the speed and braking system. They'll gather information about the track and signage. The red cross is also on site to help those affected and impacted by all this. Theye helping passengers and those walking around with injuries at the staging area near that middle school. They also dispatched emergency resources from across the state. They'll also say -- they also say they'll be assisting first responders as well. We learned NTSB investigators will interview tin engineers and the crew there. This is just the beginning and a long investigation lies aye thaed. Thank you very much Stephanie. We'll being covering this all morning on ABC. We want to turn now to the story

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{"duration":"5:06","description":"At least 2 people reported dead and more than 70 injured.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52826656","title":"Amtrak train collision causes derailment in South Carolina","url":"/GMA/video/amtrak-train-collision-derailment-south-carolina-52826656"}