Amy Robach Shares Cancer Milestone

She explains how she feels after her last round of chemotherapy.
3:39 | 04/25/14

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Transcript for Amy Robach Shares Cancer Milestone
Test Text1 plain Another happy Friday, with encouraging news. Amy, a big milestone in your recovery from breast cancer. That's right. This year, it's estimated more than 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. I was diagnosed just six months ago. And this week, yesterday, actually, I reached a milestone to inspire anyone to know that after dark, there is light. Words I never expected to hear. I was told that I have breast cancer. I found out I had stage 2 breast cancer that spread to my lymph nodes only because of this mammogram, live on "Gma," for breast cancer awareness month. Fighting a double mastectomy and 12 weeks of chemotherapy is a battle. While I maintained a strong front working through treatment, every day is different. Some, much harder than the others. I was one of the lucky on losing about one-quarter of my hair. But no one escapes all of the side effects, both physical and emotional. From December to April, I went through seven rounds of chemotherapy. And while I started off strong, each round became increasingly more difficult. Today marks my eighth round of chemo. This is my final round of treatment. The doctors say I graduate today. I decided to have most of my medical moments remain private. But this one, I wanted to share. This is a huge milestone for me and for anyone else who has battled cancer. And I join the ranks of 2.8 million U.S. Women who are breast cancer survivors. And I plan on living each day to the very fullest, thankful and grateful, and encouraging so many women out there who are still in the thick of it, who have yet to fight this fight, that you can do it. You can get through this. One step at a time. And I am there for you. I am there with you. With my eighth and final round of chemo complete, I will start on a new journey. Helping raise awareness about early detection, and letting women everywhere know, you can kick cancer's butt. I wanted to say another word. But they wouldn't let me. Go ahead. You can kick cancer's . I know you started this tradition. Tell us what it is. For every one that lands or every one in the air, it's good luck. It's hope. It's everything positive hitting you at once. And look at everybody. Oh, jogosh. That's so beautiful. And I had so much positive reaction on social media yesterday. But one stood out to me. Joanne said, congratulations, I, too, am a breast cancer survivor. Tough times don't last. Tough people do. We're all in it together. Absolutely. Congratulations. I appreciate it. I know. I am -- woo. Is there a part two? Is it different kinds of bubbles? That comes in two weeks when I don't have to go to chemo. And I'm going to pop a bottle of champagne. May 8th. Well deserved. Thank you. Thank you. Are

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{"id":23467176,"title":"Amy Robach Shares Cancer Milestone","duration":"3:39","description":"She explains how she feels after her last round of chemotherapy.","url":"/GMA/video/amy-robachs-final-treatment-23467176","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}