Amy Robach's New Haircut During Chemo

Robach gives an update on her health as she gets treated for breast cancer.
3:00 | 01/15/14

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Transcript for Amy Robach's New Haircut During Chemo
that you? You look beautiful. A different look for you. Shorter hair. You have to explain to people why. We know in our line of work appearance is important and it's important to everybody and anybody and I decided I was going to take control of one thing away from the cancer so i got my hair cut. Almost impossible to explain as a correspondent and anchor for nearly 20 years I've gone through many looks and my hair has always been a big part of them all but when I was diagnosed with cancer last october, I realized there may come a day when that would dramatically change. It's been a month since beginning chemo. I've done two rounds with six to go and while some days have admittedly been harder than others, keeping a schedule and going to work has helped me tremendously. With chemo comes hair loss and I am slowly starting to lose more and more each day so today I am taking control of something that I have very little control of. I'm going to cut my hair very short. I've never done this before. But I want to say that I had something to do with how i looked, not the cancer and I'm sharing this because I want all the women who have gone through it, who are going through it now and who will be going through it to know two things, that you're not alone and that you too can be brave. ♪ I want to see you be brave ♪ Reporter: The national cancer institute estimates 2.8 women in the u.S. Are currently living with breast cancer. I knew I'd at least once. Reporter: That statistic is not lost on me. I know I am one among millions going through this emotional and physical change. It's like a fresh start. A new chapter. Now I can't talk. I wanted to thank everybody at the salon because I was there for five hours and they were so great to me to make sure I felt okay, gave me a private room because it is emotional when you cut your hair. George, you made a joke. Even kids cry when they get their hair cut for the first time. You know how fantastic you look, right? Thank you and I feel free and I feel empowered. Robin -- you took control. You have to make these decisions. How are you feeling? I know you said you have two of the treatments. I've had two rounds. I have six more to go and, you know, I think for me women we're strong and physically I've been able to handle it so far. I know it's going to get tougher. Emotionally has been the hardest part. Had a lot of anxiety and you have moments where you get mad and motors where you just start crying in the middle of the grocery store and other moments today is a beautiful day day and I have people who love me around me. I'm here and I'm going to stay here. Yes, you are. You are not defined by your hair. Thank up. I'll get used to it. You said it so well. There's some women that will not have treatment because they don't want to lose their hair. No. And what you're doing, what i see is that someone who is taking charge and someone who is saying I do want to be here and you are taking control and it's a powerful message that you're sending. Thank you. To so many. Really. Real power. Thank you. You're empowered. I know, I -- let's go out to

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{"id":21540077,"title":"Amy Robach's New Haircut During Chemo","duration":"3:00","description":"Robach gives an update on her health as she gets treated for breast cancer. ","url":"/GMA/video/amy-robachs-haircut-chemo-21540077","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}