Tennis Star Loses Cool With Lara Spencer During Match

Josh Elliott gets payback for being punk'd by Lara Spencer and Nick Jonas.
3:00 | 11/13/12

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Transcript for Tennis Star Loses Cool With Lara Spencer During Match
That's the point. It's fair to say, we're all one, big, happy family here at "good morning america." Most often. But sometimes, we aren't. So, and one of those times -- we always are. Yes, we are. So, lara, we're showing a clip here. Lara played a little prank on me, with the help of nick jonas. So, I thought I would play a little prank on her, with andre agassi and jim courier. A FEW MONTHS BACK, I GOT PUNK'd. AND PUNK'd GOOD BY LARA. And pop star, nick jonas. YOU JUST GOT PUNK'd. Reporter: And now, it's about time for serious retribution. We're coming for you, spencer. The scene, madison square garden. The power share's tennis tournament. The bait. Lara loves tennis. In fact, she's pretty good at it. My "gma" producers and I devised the perfect trap. She thinks she's here to interview andre agassi and jim courier. This is a dream come true. Reporter: But these gentlemen of tennis are on my team today. And we have the entire place wired to capture it all. Andre will be the good guy. But he's going to hit some tough shots that lara's not going to be able to handle. Shockingly. Jim, lara's partner, is going to go absolutely nuts. I'm ready to melt down. Reporter: Here we go. For a while, lara holds her own. That's teamwork at its finest, partner. Reporter: She is getting cocky. Chew on that, agassi. Reporter: Then, these two legends of the sport, turn up the heat. Come on. Reporter: Jim's about to lose it. Go. We need this point, all right? All right. Reporter: Breaking rackets. You've got it. That was in. Reporter: Getting nasty. That wasn? You have to stay in, partner. You have to stay in. I didn't play terribly, though. A lit tentative. Missed that. Reporter: Lara, with that uneasy smile. We're still good. No. Out. Come on. I thought it was a good play. I'm sorry. You have to make that. I know I have to make it. . Reporter: It was time for jim to dig deep, even mo. Ken, you have to get a sound guy to go over and check the mic. Pretend like he's checking the mic. He has to go off on her. What's going on here? Reporter: Message delivered. What was that? No. No. . You missed that. I did? Yeah, you missed it. Yeah. No. . What are you doing? I don't know. I'm trying really hard. Do you choke like this on -- no. I don't choke on tv. Reporter: And lara is starting to crack. I'm trying. I'm trying. I'm trying. You call that trying? I'm trying. My tennis dreams are turning into nightmares. He's yelling at me. Oh, my god. Oh. Sorry. Give me a sorry? Just giving you a sorry right now. I'm scared of you. I tried. I really did. I'm sorry. You want me to be happy about this? I'm not happy, either. We're done? Really? It's making me nervous. Reporter: Looks like lara's had enough. Thank you. Sorry, jim. Reporter: But jim goes for one more round. The thing that bothered me, lara, there was a lot of laughter. Like you didn't take it seriously. I did take it seriously. I was playing hard. I don't like the laughter. That was just nerves. He's not really serious, is he? I'm not trying to be a . Reporter: It was finally time for me to crash the party. Never thought for a second. I wanted to win. Reporter: How can you be laughing through that? Are you serious? Reporter: How can you be laughing during tennis. You did not do this to me? Are you kidding me? Come on, group hug. Reporter: Come on. Come on. Oh, my god. Reporter: How do you like them apples? Andre agassi. You just trampled one of my dreams. I'm lara spencer. And josh got me back. Reporter: Game, set, match. Coming for you, champion. Jim courier, staying in character. I know. Two things, real quick. You go through all those emotions. You start to feel bad. But then, you get over it. The best thing was, jim kept coming back. That's all I've got. That's all I've got. Jim, you get out there. You give me more. I wasn't going to let him bring me down. You were great. You were great. Well done. Well done. Thank you. Coming up, jim courier, calling it live, does it all. And "lion king" like you've never seen it before. Go nowhere. Live from wcvb tv channel 5 this is a newscenter 5 "eyeopener" update. Randy: Good morning, I'm randy price. Top stories right now, investigators probing a deadly fire in cambridge. This as u local video from overnight showing the scene at 294 columbia street, a man in HIS 50s WAS KILLED IN THIS Fire. A college student was killed last night riding his bike at harvard and brighton avenues in allston. Witnesses say the man was hit by an mbta bus, police are investigating those claims. And it's dreary, all the moisture on the lens. J.C.: It is indeed and the temperatures are falling with that rain. Look at how temperatures are NOW 50s IN BOSTON, WE WERE 60s Earlier. Marshfield to providence, cold air is coming your way. And it's coming along with that rain that stretches from the north shore back down through providence with more off to the west so, this will continue through the morning hours, then taper off in the afternoon. Temperatures will spend most OF THE DAY IN THE 40s. And that's where we spend the rest of the week. Randy: Let check the tuesday morning commute. Dorothy, what's the latest? Dorothy: It's a fastity commute. Check out what's going on on the pike, in both directions traffic barely moving near the tolls, as we head to the maps that's the case everywhere really. 128 this morning almost an hour ride to the pike from 95. Give yourself over an hour to travel from andover to the city on 93. And some troubles in leominster because of a crash on the eastbound side of route 2 at 70. Randy: Thank you. We're back before the top of the hour. You can stay informed on wcvb.Com or on the go with our ♪

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{"id":17706940,"title":"Tennis Star Loses Cool With Lara Spencer During Match","duration":"3:00","description":"Josh Elliott gets payback for being punk'd by Lara Spencer and Nick Jonas.","url":"/GMA/video/andre-agassi-jim-courier-josh-elliott-punk-lara-17706940","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}