Angelina Jolie Ready to Start Career as Director, Producer

Rachel Smith reports the latest news in the "GMA" Pop News Heat Index.
3:50 | 11/23/14

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Transcript for Angelina Jolie Ready to Start Career as Director, Producer
No big deal. She's just getting married. But we're very happy and lucky to have Rachel smith with us. Good morning once again. Delighted to be here. Nice variety for you. First up, the shocking news about Angelina Jolie. Is she ready to give up acting? Well, not just yet. But in the story featured in "Du jour" she's never been comfortable as an actor or in front of a camera, she says. She's much happier as a director and hopes to make that her next career. Doesn't show. Not at all. She's great as an actor. Talented at everything. Check this out, guys when asked whether she'd give up acting her response, one worded, absolutely. Her latest turn as director and producer is the war drama " "Unbroken" opening Christmas day. Can't wait to see that. Read the book, it's phenomenal. I want to get the book in first. Next up a piece of music historien 0 the auction block. Anything from the beatles as you can imagine fetches big bucks and this item is no different. Take a look at the guitar that once belonged to the late John Lennon. He used Earth during the recording session for "Paperback writer" at abbey road studios in 1967 and could fetch chose to a million dollars. Lennon's cousin is selling it. He says he asked the singer to borrow or to get a spare guitar from him and being the good cousin he was, he gave it to him. It's cheaper than the cowardly lion's outfit. Probably. We don't know. That has yet to be bid upon. Both of them, yes, exactly. And one of the most romantic couples on the planet is showing off their picture perfect Vaca, John legend and model Chrissy Teigen on a safari. Check out the pics. She's excited to spot elephants from her jeep. She looks mighty cute in the jeep and John posing with an elephant family in the background and a few lions. Lying there on its side. Everyone is just looking at her. Rocking those antlers. The two are in South Africa for legend's "All of me" tour. Who looks great on safari. Did you guys notice the animals in the background. The lion was on its side looking like it's dead. Looks like a fashion set. Yeah, you can always count on Ron Claiborne to just throw a little grenade right at the discussion. Appreciate it. Love Ya. A little Thanksgiving talk. It's definitely my favorite holiday. I cannot deny my mom's stuffing. I love -- I mean -- Yum. Delish, delish. But maybe were you thinking about how much stuffing I'll be indulging may be the key word but check this out. The typical Thanksgiving dinner runs up to 4500 calories. Whoa. They're good calorie. They're worth it. That's twice the amount you should take in every day. Who's that guy? That's you. Check this out. You would have to run 7.7 hours to burn off those calories and it would take you to Jersey or into New Jersey. You have great form. It would take you to philly. And Paula, you would have to do some cycle for how about 15 hour, right, to work it off. Okay. Why did I get a pink bike? I need a green pink. How come you took the training wheels off. Ron, you would have to play basketball for 7.7 hours. Look at those feet. I would have to squeeze into a bathing suit for a cool 10.6 hours -- Where's the graphic. The visual -- No, no graphic for that one.

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"Rachel Smith reports the latest news in the \"GMA\" Pop News Heat Index.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27114886","title":"Angelina Jolie Ready to Start Career as Director, Producer","url":"/GMA/video/angelina-jolie-ready-start-career-director-producer-27114886"}