Head Keeper Killed at Big Cat Sanctuary

Investigators try to figure out how a worker became a victim at an Oregon Wildcat sanctuary.
2:06 | 11/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Head Keeper Killed at Big Cat Sanctuary
Now to new details this morning on a deadly big cat attack in oregon. A 36-year-old mother described as an experienced worker kill at a wild cat sanctuary by one of the cats on the property. Clayton sandell has the story. Reporter: This morning, investigators are searching for answers, wanted to know how the head cooper became a victim of the big cat she was trying to help. It's dark. This is a remote area here. Reporter:36-year-old renee radziwan-chapman was found dead. Authorities believe she was attacked by a cougar like this one. She was seen here in 2011, she work at the sanctuary for eight years. She had a 5-month-old daughter and worked at the sanctuary with her husband, aaron, caring for about 60 cats that were once pet. We just got two tigers. Reporter: Neglected and abandoned when they grew into full-size predators. I don't think people realize how many cats are kept in captivity. Reporter: Overnight, the sanctuary suggested she may not have followed safety protocols. They have a strict policy requiring two qualified cat handlers to work together. The place says she was alone with the cats. Her family says she brought 20 years of experience to her job. Though we love them for who they are, we always remember what they are. It's a wild animal. Reporter: It's just the latest fatal wild animal attack. Just last march, diana hanson was killed when a lion got free from its cage. The person is still in the enclosure with the lion. Reporter: The sanctuary says none of its cats escaped on saturday. How one got close enough to kill is still a mystery. For "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver.

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{"id":20849417,"title":"Head Keeper Killed at Big Cat Sanctuary","duration":"2:06","description":"Investigators try to figure out how a worker became a victim at an Oregon Wildcat sanctuary. ","url":"/GMA/video/animal-attack-head-keeper-killed-oregon-wildcat-sanctuary-20849417","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}