How Ann Romney Cooked the Post-Election Blues Away

The former presidential candidate's wife's cookbook includes recipes for holiday treats.
3:00 | 12/12/13

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Transcript for How Ann Romney Cooked the Post-Election Blues Away
Welcome to a special holiday edition of the fine print I'm just only -- -- by mrs. Ann Romney and the new cookbook the Romney. -- -- So we -- going to get cooking today tell me what we have here we're going to start with what. -- this Christmas everyone's thinking about now celebrating him this is sort of what -- make secret for Christmas cookies we. At that -- my famous Welsh -- Scott stands Paris and then I'm gonna demonstrate how to make these top guys you know but it worked out there. OK Jeff let's have you press that the event just dump it in -- here much. An -- so we just -- bed spread out -- in the -- prevent. We'll do that here. The other countries that he has -- -- -- fifteen have big -- and putting them. -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll turn myself there. And -- -- now it's to sprinkles and chocolate chips. I'm tough to get back in the oven let those -- -- minutes one minute one minute. What did you decide to make. A cookbook it's all about love for the cooking for me it's about love and I think maybe it was a cathartic healing thing for needed to -- campaign. -- this is pretty bruising was their moment in time when you. Okay we're okay now you know -- really really relocate. The next day to take a trip -- you know we can get back toward normalized. Himself. Caused some. And you -- excited that my husband it's certain executives certain president. Extremely. Hard and it's disappointing it's crashing it's all those things was it harder for you to move -- or your husband for me. Interesting you know he's he's a pretty practical -- its next days like okay I'm -- And I was like home home let me get my bearings for a minute you watch and get beat up for so many months it was -- I mean it's hard as a spouse to stand by and watch. Someone you love go through this and you want -- to the defendant know you know wish everyone could see through my eyes what he's like. Think so close to -- It's so many years one -- -- first -- of Massachusetts and for a couple presidential campaign now that you're out of it. Couldn't make of what's going on and. Now I think all Americans we are frustrated with Washington we want people to get -- we want things to give us all we want things to climb. And we don't see a lot of that happening again. And the polarization. -- got worse it needs to students change. The president came in saying he would and it's gotten -- and I think he's made it worse so it's it's it's very frustrating. I didn't think he's network I think -- came in worked only with you know with his side. Really pretty much ram through this obamacare legislation in such a way that wasn't what condition -- if people really think that -- and. When you haven't had to do for the last year's look at surveys and polls to see -- up -- -- but one false caught my attention and ABC plus -- -- that if we could do the election over again. But governor Romney or points higher than President Obama. Obviously no do overs and -- no do -- and. It's been -- tough you know it's not going for the president recently and you know others have a lot of frustration over the implication of this them about care and that's not surprising dynamic has -- -- that would happen. Did you rise and that your sons or grandchildren to run for office. That my advice to them now. Is a lot of my sons are being asked Iran if you might imagine jobs in Utah where is all over I think my son -- -- -- -- wanted -- -- mayor of San Diego and -- your kids are young. You stay home you do your job you raise those families -- -- them I think the is okay. -- suddenly spread these -- the chocolate chips it -- it. We're just gonna spread those I -- never doing this is a little girl my mother would. You know let me let me acts yeah this was -- winters late tax on those memories come back. And we just cut them out and they end up like that. Which one of these that he first the let's try them all I think I want to try their best as well stick skillet -- -- on the campaign. Plus a couple years ago -- OK Jeff I don't know. This is good yeah yeah. Ben -- thank you cannot solve this edition of the fine print for ABC news Yahoo! News I'm just zoning and follow me on -- all week long just zoning. Merry Christmas thank you -- -- employers.

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{"id":21199728,"title":"How Ann Romney Cooked the Post-Election Blues Away ","duration":"3:00","description":"The former presidential candidate's wife's cookbook includes recipes for holiday treats.","url":"/GMA/video/ann-romney-cooked-post-election-blues-21199728","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}