Anna Kendrick credits Zendaya for her pajamas style

The "Pitch Perfect" actress called singer Zendaya her fashion inspiration, discussed keeping up with the latest season of "Game of Thrones" and talked about her upcoming Christmas film, playing Santa's daughter.
5:46 | 08/21/17

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Transcript for Anna Kendrick credits Zendaya for her pajamas style
Including pitch perfect she's got at all funny Smart great singer and writer. For books that little nobody out now in paperback he's welcoming him. I. Me then you might have heard that were a little excited about this total solar eclipse today yeah I've heard something about it. So where are you gonna be when the eclipse happened well I didn't want to drive soliciting money in an airport but. Don't surrounded by loved ones just pissed off travelers who. Aside governments see any of it or not but somebody could take like a really crappy photo impairments Akram. Very ill but if it had taken grabbing at. For the funds like really really small do you love or loathe mr. man. I love it it's great it's it's it's perfect herb lake off setter pictures of food. I get I think it's I mean you're funny you're in you I had to wait eight. Sort of share personality and what you're working on your grade on pearl incident and I'm didn't come on like my anti insert rim and that yeah. Here at your incredible yeah idea installations seem he's still my okay. Yeah I feel Scott I feel like scrapping do background. Many new book you admit that Claudia from babysitters publisher of fashion hero class yes RA so who's your inspiration for the pajamas you wearing by the way you know I did feel like I wasn't Harry Claudia and that I wore pajamas yesterday and pretended it was fashioned love yeah yeah. I feel like guns and diet started wearing you have pajamas she feels she's really doing the lord's work making it fashionable all of us. Madonna is that I have for everything that you do but. Ice time I'm on another front woman died of war and I was like she's like this. The actor is an moms as Amazon diet. Not that he knew your birthday plus U at happy hour day. Yeah. Well well I I was working and I get social well birthdays like it feels some pressure to have finds so bad I'm working on a movie and the director was like. You know concede heated dinner now thank. You know what it's my birthday can I please just like my birthday wish is to go home and like organize my socked arm. And I really data like I'm not know the teacher to go in that her and then. Speaking out and you feel better it was such pregnant all the women have yet every year at this whole grain. Speaking of movies very excited to remind everybody pitch perfect three is coming out and it's going could there be more I mean I. Pollock not out so unless. You know apparently we see any good dynamic I keep having this like suspicion that they're gonna like. Replace us with a new batch but I you know that's just my inherent right hand injury that would have been bat 'cause we might wanna keep doing them unless they absolutely cannot they don't let us decide. You guys think if you could. Decide who would you like to have as your. And public dream artist to join the ballads like who would be. Lake. You know Bruno Mars no way I mean it yeah. How great it. Women there so I hear you're a huge game with friends and as a might would you not telling what I. Already you know watching thought and a new cellular it was a rip at the comet hit wash that thing and with the the thing. Like crawling up the wall I was so stressed out I can't be my guide he should get added. Maybe get out of there. I was late and really not good for hearts what what do you love about it must not and yeah. You can bet the fact that like I hear that much and I watched a TV show where I'd been like really need you guys. To get art and figure out Blake I'm and it really just plague our even a dying in this episode and whatever you really read about it when you know. Oh when I read about came up from his yeah. Well that I know what I can only end like during yeah. Did mommy you've watched it for so when he's seven seasons in you have you know every little detail the command center where wind and re watch it is I'm not sure what happened totally happy no time and I like watch like that. YouTube videos about it and on farms that stuff because our. Like a pet that pain that led to Eliot he had that means. A lot yeah. It's true there's always a anything you can read my a couple of people and senior. I think for. About female Santa you're working on that. I am doing a movie that Disney had always wanted your Christmas movie ending committee. And after the landing in Toronto. Wherever like Santa's daughter bill haters playing. My brother and I'm really excited about any kind love a Christmas mundane and it is do you actually. Sort of take over in the job the peace she. We'll find out next. I'd rather have something about it sounds fantastic yeah so much going on and we love you always make time for us so bowling outing by hanging yeah. Okay. We won't improve the battle to become much more. It's all gone home and then Hasbro and.

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{"id":49328340,"title":"Anna Kendrick credits Zendaya for her pajamas style","duration":"5:46","description":"The \"Pitch Perfect\" actress called singer Zendaya her fashion inspiration, discussed keeping up with the latest season of \"Game of Thrones\" and talked about her upcoming Christmas film, playing Santa's daughter.","url":"/GMA/video/anna-kendrick-credits-zendaya-pajamas-style-49328340","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}