Anna Kendrick's Mom, a Real Accountant, Helped Her Prep for 'Accountant' Role

Kendrick, who plays Dana, a whip-smart accounting clerk, in the upcoming film, “The Accountant,” visits the "GMA" studio.
5:51 | 10/07/16

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Transcript for Anna Kendrick's Mom, a Real Accountant, Helped Her Prep for 'Accountant' Role
If someone else that elevated level they're so talented and this is not bring being funny. I would get someone to the table OK this is not yet someone listen everybody this is the start a pitch perfect actors in singing sensation Anna Kendrick at. Okay. He only god. It's okay. I'm really. Recent news. Well I feel like and this just in the new word her fiance is at I am currently test driving. We have a retailer separate. The traditional political system even so I'm reading off a cart and the fact that we don't. What does that. Did they unit in the new movie the accountant can you play yet the great movie about a it's up. Sun screen like I did but it did they you put an accountant in the movie. And your mom I'm Hilton yeah she I send her the script which is like. It's frowned upon but I think the script because I like you have to explain all of this to me she's got math wind and she's you know been working an account for. Her whole life issue the planet like all of financial aspect of it could hit like it's really kind of a puzzle and you have to like the amount with the ball to many but since I was saying aligns it figured I kind of know what you don't need help and a second Madonna has like that's gone perhaps. I she also exciting because she you know there's all these liked you know jokes about how accounts are boring and so she was like. Yeah because that's sexy at night and like intrigue and my. Now I eats and it's very exciting and I guess that's that's that's that's in my county. It did admit in the movie you're your character's dad inspired her to be a an accountant pocket protector in all wouldn't take. We'll look at a clip. I. That's a nice time I mean his blistered feet that's. Here's this nice. Yeah but he can continue go into the field that I wanted to study art at the Art Institute of Chicago that. Part doesn't even more and you can get more young lady. Bad tastes ran more and dogs playing poker. Doug. Need. I like. Furious movie it's like there's action and then there's all be dominant and then of course like coming and I just can't help but feel like. Any really derby and upward the if I'm parts plant. So much fun machines sell like she still open and she wants to connect sell much and she's really bad at it and the band is playing someone who on the often aspect government he wants to connect its new. And like their body just kind like how late I Philly you don't like me and like it's that you weren't even before I met him here's not a party had to explain what it Jonas Brothers was. Comment and then we ended up doing this movie ever had such a great time although he is. He did tall person he has a large human being who still there were definitely scenes where I was like don't stand near me. Again like let's shoot across the ground that have a connection that work across the ramp up. But even here yesterday at the matter of fact he had some nice thing to say about on the earth but one thing he did say that you would seem get home around the set all day. He's gonna become song I'm mean I OK you caught me doing it literally like earlier today Stuart you're just singing of the though I yeah I guess they do with another reason I don't listen to being the words like I don't I don't. That like I'm I'm. Win and everybody hates mixing it. Talk a conversation no I trading and in doing not being loved and. But okay things. Thing that's not OK you have here. Yeah you're all voters don't get the matter of fact called scrappy little nobody. I think. This we have to get its total to read a book you win it had to describe your book which may be hard to describe your book in three words. I will come. Scrappy. On the continent. Funny I hope and. Speaking of seeing it you've been traveling around when it would Justin Timberlake yeah. For you new movie. I know that kid will like in it will be like 6 in the morning and he's doing like seven note Rex without even noticing that show off what occurred. Yeah it here he would yell. On the I I think tried to lake rigs it's did you know I was like and yet neither one of those girls eleven sank. Straight to the Jonas Brothers. We know what this movie is fantastic. I've seen it what I wanna see it again it's an awkward angles clippers team is you you you you are not there as we see awkward at all. That I love your description of her fiance I think your body to take to harness. The bully of the at cal. It hits theaters everywhere on October.

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{"duration":"5:51","description":"Kendrick, who plays Dana, a whip-smart accounting clerk, in the upcoming film, “The Accountant,” visits the \"GMA\" studio.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42634060","title":"Anna Kendrick's Mom, a Real Accountant, Helped Her Prep for 'Accountant' Role","url":"/GMA/video/anna-kendricks-mom-real-accountant-helped-prep-accountant-42634060"}