Anne Hathaway 'Just One of the Guys' in Jenny Lewis' New Single

Paula Faris has the latest in the Pop News midday buzz.
2:52 | 07/15/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Anne Hathaway 'Just One of the Guys' in Jenny Lewis' New Single
And good afternoon everyone I'm Paula parents -- here I'd be -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right now coming in at number four -- -- back and capital it. And Jenny Lewis -- music video for her new single just one of the guy. Want beautiful. -- -- Another look then video feature -- -- was -- Kristen Stewart and and it happened lately and they -- rat tailed full dress it meant -- -- even trendy. Huge -- with more than 88000. Do you think that -- and he has website testing -- this. Is that first single from this album the Voyager which dropped. -- -- -- At number three Lena -- need billboard -- The -- girls are looking for opening act to -- on her upcoming book tour Madonna says she wants people with singular talent including but. Not limited that they need comedy. And yes if a husband that that happens to be your Forte it's a little weird that he did ask her boyfriend that easily -- parents and finds it. Before but -- we're thinking that that would. Probably -- gently Cuba Tallet went. And coming in at number -- Carrey's that I -- has made his motto working debut gone. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You had traded up wearing ragged mountain spring summer 2015 election -- very dapper. That sixty year old -- and a handful of celebrities posing for the brand which. As pretty intriguing model plate on that her and her. -- so far the reviews they're -- positive but look at this one. It's from Jerry's wife said that he looks -- -- hey mom happy that we. And finally -- number -- Kevin Spacey as there may not -- Finger at -- in good -- that's how hard dark. Just tweeted that -- -- band the -- ready to dial barbecue meal let them frank underwent treatment course while. Rehearsing lines for the upcoming season -- course. As his character frank -- Favorite medium basically already causing quite a -- -- line and and get -- that -- -- hot seat and refunds. Support to historical theaters now without a political move to her it's meant to look -- that four. And featured at CNN the DNA for more -- tomorrow for ABC news. How prepared that you are happy that day.

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{"id":24572192,"title":"Anne Hathaway 'Just One of the Guys' in Jenny Lewis' New Single","duration":"2:52","description":"Paula Faris has the latest in the Pop News midday buzz.","url":"/GMA/video/anne-hathaway-guys-jenny-lewis-single-24572192","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}