Anthony Anderson discusses using humor as a parenting aid

The "Black-ish" actor speaks out on fatherhood.
7:05 | 03/24/17

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Transcript for Anthony Anderson discusses using humor as a parenting aid
One of our favorite guests here on "Gma," Anthony Anderson from "Black-ish." Please welcome. Come on out. Mwah. Good to see you, dear. Ow are you? George, how are you, babiy. How are you? I'm all right. Hello. Mwah. Nice to see you again, Amy. What's up? Welcome back. You guys are on a roll. Yes, we are. Just finished season three. That's news to me. Season four is picked up? Season four is picked up? I had no idea. Thank you, America. Good morning, America. You know the great thing, you guys are fun. I had a chance to do the show with you which is amazing. Cousin June bug we had to do it because everybody thinks we look alike. Anthony and Michael never in the same room. Now we are. I got tired of people saying Y your gap look like Michael. No, it don't. Not no more. Got rid of it. Thank you, invisalign. Your daughter graduated from high school. You've been with these kids all these years, had an early graduation party for her. What have you learned from the kids on the set? You know what, I learned to be mature. Yara is the most mature young lady you will ever meet heading to Harvard. Studied abroad one summer at Cambridge, you know. Beautiful in and out and just a talented individual. All of the children are. You have two kids in real life. They call I a diva on the red carpet. What's up? I don't know why my daughter did that. Just because I like to look pretty? It was the Emmy, man. Look at that debonair -- look at me and my son. Look at me and my son. He is what I used to be. I was trying to refind my youth. Do your kids listen to you? Can you get them to do what you want them to do? Not anymore. You know, our daughter is 21. Our son is 17 and he is truly my son. But, no, they're pretty well mannered children. I ask because there's a new study out saying if you lose laughter you can get your kids to do what you want them to do. That's true. So I was wonder going that was something -- That is actually what I used to do when they were younger, yeah, I would laugh them into doing chores for me. I actually still -- I imitate them. I had my son laugh so hard that he was clipping my toenails one day. That is why I had you. Watch out for that bunion, son. Watch out for that bunion. Clip. True story. Wow. He said, dad, this is fun. Yep, good. Shiny buff. Shiny buff. All his friends are going, your dad just paid you back -- Long time never going to live that one down. Let's look at a little "Black-ish." Sneak peek. Just look at me. I think I felt feelings. I'm actually not embarrassed by you. I'm withholding praise. Hurts, doesn't it? Actually it does. Oh, my god. I'm so sorry, dad. I don't know why I did that. I love the commercial and I love you. We should have lunch together. Just us, on me. Yeah, thank you. I love their relationship. Yes. Thank you. Can you tell us of any of the like special guests that are going to be appearing? Give us something. Special guests. Hmm, Oprah. Ooh. I'm lying. She told us no. Let's see. No, in this particular episode we have Chris brown on this particular episode that you just showed. He plays rich youngsta. My character Andre all things black at his office because I am who they go to when they need to have the pulse of black America, I go out and we create this new campaign for this liquor company called uvo and I create this controversial commercial where we call it pour some oova and we pour alcohol over women. Whoa! Not my proudest moment but the commercial is great. Now, you are a busy man. You got a lot going on including animal nation with Anthony Anderson. Yes. Yes. What about the work with live animals. Oh, man, look -- you know, it's crazy. You know, it's kind of like "The tonight show" meets -- Oh, my god. I asked for this. I asked for this. That is real fear. What are you feeling right there? I am feeling this dog bite my calf. They wear a helmet. He wasn't attacking my hand. You never know. You never know. But it's -- I like to think of it as "The tonight show" with me as your -- Bait. Your host. I feel like you should consider a little fear factor. It's crazy. These animals -- we were doing promos with these animals. I had a camel a llama and a baby goat. And they're all divas talk about divas, the camel went number one and went number one for four minutes. Just kept going. And his hump got smaller and I was like, oh, so that's what is in the hump. Not to be outdone the llama did number one and number two at the same time. Now, I tried this when I went home. A man cannot do number one and number two at the same time. That is talent. I heard a woman can. Y'all got different muscles than we do and the baby goat -- looked like why are we hear. Let's roll, baby goat and I just walked off the set. This is a late night show. A late night show. Anthony. Anybody there? Who is there? Hello. Is anybody there? Kristen bell. Guys, I've taken over the control room so we're going to try something different today. Okay? Kristen. But don't worry, Anthony, it's going to be a lot more animals because I'm in the hot seat. Whatever. How dare you interrupt my interview. I am not your husband.

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{"duration":"7:05","description":"The \"Black-ish\" actor speaks out on fatherhood. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46336559","title":"Anthony Anderson discusses using humor as a parenting aid","url":"/GMA/video/anthony-anderson-discusses-humor-parenting-aid-46336559"}