Anthony Anderson Talks New Season of 'Black-ish,' His Mom Being a Hit at the Emmys

The "Black-ish" star chats about taking his beloved mom and daughter as his dates to the Emmys.
3:53 | 09/20/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Anthony Anderson Talks New Season of 'Black-ish,' His Mom Being a Hit at the Emmys
And you showed abuse again you just got tomorrow night tomorrow night. Don't go. Well to Walt Disney World end up things go although they certainly don't they always go I have to threaten her favorite but you know. Yeah I think got big kids therefore. A VIP trees that you know I've never experienced as a candidate and. But I didn't realize it was X rays Sunday night and realize had to do was only every you know couple did not ours so. That we got to do this then we bought their grab that there were brought back engines didn't top general population you know regular. That's gotta gotta stick you don't know who expressed. Google great things. Congratulations on the image gas is. I (%expletive) in the rampant he didn't anybody anybody I've masks on oh yeah did not with the big hit. It at the in the yeah. Do they have put him on the big hit in my that's yes I. Yeah cinema mother thinks it's about her. Yeah. It is you know my my mother allowed tune on this but my mother what was the single parent. And she wanted to be an actress and she put her dreams of being an actor on hold to raise an actor. So oh. So everything that I do now I do for her and I try to include her in because. This is this is the dream that she wanted to live and and she never got a chance it's an. To have that you dream realized so now I take it wherever I go it she's a part of it and you know I however in the industry now is. My score keeper in my mind my eyes show to tell the truth you know we have some of the things in the works here is reality show. She's a rocket was exhibit however reality show. Did so because part of a bucket list honor bucket list was the go to Disney World you will what you saw on the with the team you know what I guess that's true but my mother never saw me for the seven days that was. What didn't. Congresswoman first classic had a beautiful suite at the fourth season is okay. I thought my mother literally 45 minutes in seven day. She loves that we just. Well yeah. Yeah. But we made. Yeah everything that's stupid they may well. You want to come Disney World whether you'll bucket list he does wanted to bring slid. It's your first time here within audience yet so we want to get an audience question is got a question. You yeah. They exciting guest stars we can look forward to seeing this he this. You know we've even talk. We're just think of what that does this guy you might Chris Pratt we're trying to you know on our show I don't know. Black is so bad nobody getting back I would Chris Brown let me know that on him months ago when. Rebecca Junebug. And Cuba itself but you don't let out. You would think you know how. Didn't Lima thank you know when you're on the show you know. It actually Iraq vet one big amount of the city weekly yeah I appreciate that you hit my how we drink my water do you think you know that. I did not need to thank you for dream what up. Behind. Anthony 9:30 eastern yeah he's become.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"The \"Black-ish\" star chats about taking his beloved mom and daughter as his dates to the Emmys.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42217910","title":"Anthony Anderson Talks New Season of 'Black-ish,' His Mom Being a Hit at the Emmys","url":"/GMA/video/anthony-anderson-talks-season-black-ish-mom-hit-42217910"}