Anthony Weiner Fights Sexting Scandal Media Spin

New York City mayoral candidate fights to keep his campaign relevant.
2:35 | 07/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Anthony Weiner Fights Sexting Scandal Media Spin
And now to a true political circus here in New York City there was a moment when Anthony -- Improbable campaign for mayor seemed to be taking flight that moment however. Has now passed take a look at the cover of the New Yorker Magazine reacting to fresh revelation. And -- is ongoing sexting scandal meanwhile out on the campaign trail it is getting. Truly Dicey and ABC's Susan Sony spent the day following the candidate Susan good morning to -- good. Morning -- and that's right the campaign I've seen up close so far has definitely been more about spectacle than substance. Let me let me -- -- me -- -- -- -- to -- -- -- currently facing the wrath of voters on Friday and I conducted myself in the manner in which you can particulars. My job would've been gone after losing control of his message at a campaign stop I don't quite understand how you would -- you would have the moral authority. As the head administrator in the city in battle in New York mayoral candidate had hoped to talk about hurricanes sandy relief. But he was overwhelmed with questions about his escalating sexting scandal things that I -- -- -- to have only a few voters who turned up at the event. -- -- should drop out of the race I'm forecasting wholeheartedly -- to -- and I am a Democrat to. Degrading women and I want -- from him. Overnight this New Yorker Magazine cover hit newsstands. Further mocking the former congressman. His poll numbers plummeting now erasing an early lead and begging the question how long can survive. Weiner admitted he can't -- -- many sexually explicit messages and photos are out there. Three women have already come forward. On Thursday the woman on the receiving end of the latest -- treats Sydney -- shown here in photos posted by TMZ went public. Exposing Carlos danger news online Alter ego. He was making his campaign promise says that he would totally changed and he was a better man now on he'll learn from his mistakes and I am proof that that is not true now -- is. Reduced to playing defense and in -- Huff doubled its -- -- later we get back to -- -- the people here this morning cleaners uphill battle continues to captivate and more often disturbed yet. And if we look at another covered this one from the daily news where Eliot Spitzer who has his own problems calls Weiner a bad husband he -- this race has become a circus. That -- when Eliot Spitzer is criticizing here is running for comptroller estimates now back late New York City is going to be an interesting place the next couple months and sunny thank you for your reporting this morning we appreciate it.

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{"id":19790832,"title":"Anthony Weiner Fights Sexting Scandal Media Spin","duration":"2:35","description":"New York City mayoral candidate fights to keep his campaign relevant.","url":"/GMA/video/anthony-weiner-fights-sexting-scandal-media-spin-19790832","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}