Olympian on Being New 'Minute to Win It' Host

Apolo Anton Ohno reveals his favorite game show and also weighs in on "Dancing With the Stars."
7:12 | 04/25/13

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Transcript for Olympian on Being New 'Minute to Win It' Host
We really are. And it's "gma's" "game show sam. Going behind the scenes. We are back now. What is he not doing now? Apollo anton ohno, "minute to win it." It's fun. I get to give away a lot of money. These people come in. They have a lot of fun. They play crazy games that people can play at home. And it's like stuff you have lying around the house. And we have two contestants here that are getting ready to play right now. E're going to do that in a minute. We have to show you how -- no. We're going to do this now? We're going to do the game first. All right. first. Are you ready? What are we doing? This game is called paper dragon. They have to unspool those party streamers in less than 30 seconds. This is it. Let's go. Three, two, one. Come on, guys. There they go. Come on, guys. You're halfway there. You can do this. How bad do you want it? Come on. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. You still had more left. How was it? Did you have fun? I'm out of breath. Let me see here. You know, I think it's about even. I can't tell who won. I think its a tie. We're going to give you guys -- it's a tie. Might have been the greatest thing I've ever seen. I don't know. Apolo is here. It's "game show confidential" week. "Minute to win it." Let's go to cameron mathison, as we go behind the scenes. Three, two, one. Reporter: They are simply crazy challenges. Home-spun games. And ridiculous physical feats. 30 seconds. Reporter: They may seem silly. But they're actually serious mon moneymakers. For contestants on "minute to win it," hosted by apolo ohno. We are going to give them real money to play games in the office to waste time. Reporter: Teams of two win more money each time they pull off a stunt in one minute. And if they win ten stunts, they walk away with $250,000. That's serious cash. Serious cash for less than ten minutes of work. Reporter: There are secrets to preparing, to learn about 300 possible games in a so-called boot camp before camera's roll. Anybody can look at the bsite. Try yanking a dollar bill without spilling a stack of quarters. Knocking over cans with rubber bands. Ask your parents before you practice this one. Pulling out every tissue from two boxes. Do you get toem advice? I can't tell them the secrets of the game. Reporter: But apolo showed us where the games are secretly stored. This is where all the magic happens behind the scenes. They have to slowly get all four golf balls to land and hold here. And chap stick. You stack four chap sticks on top of each other, with only chopsticks. This is called noodling around. You put this in your mouth. And you have to slide it h. And you have three seconds. Reporter: Oh. The fourth time was not a charm. Check this one out. Wiggling a cookie from your forehead into your mouth, no hands allowed. Oh. He nailed it. The eye socket can be your friend. That's one of my favorite places to place it. Reporter: So, that's the secret to a stunt called face the cookie. Start with your eye. You can't win it in a minute? Well, that's the way the cookie crumbles. This is how I eat the cookie. For "good morning america," I'm cameron mathison in los angeles. I'm not sure you should have eaten that cookie. Just giving you a heads up. I don't know where those cookies have been. Reporter: I'll be right back. We get -- where's my skinny mic? We're going to do -- what are we This game is called -- you can win a lot money. What's the idea? Basically, everybody holds a clipboard. You stand on both sides of the line. You knock a piece of paper back and forth. Whoever gets more in the basket wins? In less than 30 seconds. You're going down. Ready? You guys ready? Here we go. Two, one. Oh. Oh, no. Here we go. We have to get one. Oh. Come on. Five, four, three, two, one. Yes. That was great. These guys -- I don't know how it happened. We got really good. At, like, the five-second mark, we found our edge. Thanks. Game shows, they're not as easy as they look. They're not as easy as they look. All these games -- like, this game right here. You would be so surprised to know, the amount of money we give away to the contestants and couples who play this game. People get in trouble for the office for this. But we give them real cash. You know, we can find out. SNEAK PEEK, THURSDAY, MAY 23rd. Officially premiering, tuesday THE 25th. So great to see you. Sorry I disappointed you. Sam, apologize to all of the great people for the sub arctic conditions. I need to apologize for that. And I did pick up the trash can and dump it in the other trash can. I saw that. I need to apologize for both of those. Second day in a row -- I know. No, you won. Yeah. She was playing basketball. See? I expect me to cheat. I did not expect that from you, lara spencer. Anything to win.

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{"id":19040515,"title":"Olympian on Being New 'Minute to Win It' Host","duration":"7:12","description":"Apolo Anton Ohno reveals his favorite game show and also weighs in on \"Dancing With the Stars.\"","url":"/GMA/video/apolo-anton-ohno-minute-win-host-olympian-discusses-19040515","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}