New app helps you find a date who looks like your celebrity crush

Plus, the "GMA" anchors discuss their favorite sounds in honor of World Hearing Day.
7:36 | 03/03/17

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Transcript for New app helps you find a date who looks like your celebrity crush
says and wish happy birthday to Chloe. Chloe, you did a great job helping us with the stain removal by creating the stain, I like that. Very good. You know, I have something fun for us this morning. Want to talk about it and there's a new app out about dating. New dating app called facedate. Now, the object of it suggests that you can date someone based on your celebrity crush. So, you upload a picture of your celebrity crush, say, it may be George Clooney and match up with a man who looks like George Clooney. He might be a serial killer but he looks like George Clooney. You hope he looks like George Clooney. How would you feel if you were getting a date because you looked like somebody else? To be honest with you, I thought about it but I thought about the whole thing, what's the one you swipe on. Tinder. What's that thing? You swipe. They're not swiping because they're looking at your resume, I'm just saying so I thought about it and I said, this is very similar to tinder except you put a celebrity up there and then that's the person they match you up who looks like that. You got a type. You got a type. So does it work. I have to ask, George. Who would your celebrity be. Ali Wentworth. Thank you. You'll throw your wife in there. I'm a married man, Michael. I'm not stupid either. No, you're not, George. Who would you choose. You know, I thought about that and I didn't want to go with anybody current because, you know, it's very uncomfortable. When you're run into them in the streets it's a little uncomfortable so -- Could be a way of getting a date. George, leave me alone. All right. You're making me blush. You know, I went back to Thelma from "Good times." Thelma, oh, man. She is cute. Well, you pick the picture of Thelma when she's very unhappy. She's cute. And then back when "Diff'rent strokes" was big and had Janet Jackson on the show. Who did not love Janet Jackson? Oh, my goodness. Very safe choices there, Michael. How about you? See, I'm going big. I don't care if I meet him on the street. I'll be like, yeah, hi, Ryan gosling. He knows I have a crush on him and I have met him. It was very obvious I had a crush on him. Lara, how about you? I would like to do like an amalgamation if I could. You put two men together and your date may come out looking like -- But -- if I could have a little bit of John Mayer and a little bit -- well, a lot of bit and then a little bit of Sam hewn from "Outlander." Have you not seen this man. If you've not seen "Outlander," let's just remind you, I called him. But it's called facedate so if you're looking for a date and you don't mind that type of -- So, it's really up and running? I think it's up and runni now. I would like to know if somebody had success in that. Let us know if you have. We'd like to hear. From what people look like to what things sound like. Today is world hearing day. It's meant to raise awareness and promote ear and hearing care acro across the world so happy world hearing day, everyone. In honor of this, a thousand people, this is really interesting to determine their favorite sounds. We have the top five, some of them might surprise you. So the first one is music. ??? that makes sense, right. That's number five. That's number five. Number four will be the sound of waves crashing. Oh, that's number one. That's great. Yeah, you like that. There it is. Yeah, that gets me. Number three, I love this one is the sound of being told I love you. Oh, I like that too. I like that. This one was a little surprising. Number two is birds chirping. It relaxes you. No? Scares you a little. Our number one favorite sound is the sound of children laughing. 100%. Yep. A baby cooing. That is the best sound in the world. I love the other honorable mention, the sound of your feet walking on gravel. I love that sound. George, you seem mystified. I'm imagining it. Something satisfying. Scary movies. That's not scary. I'll take the baby cooing. All right. Let's just move on and save me. No, I love that. I loved all of those sounds, Amy and I love you. Oh, I love you too. So, most big car companies use high bait marketing executives and ad agencies to get the word out about their projects. Tesla which sells very high-end electric vehicles does none of that. A Michigan fifth grader named ria noticed the lack of advertising and wrote a letter to the CEO Elon Musk and she suggested that he hold a competition to see who can make the best homemade ad for the company and should air the winner and posted it on Twitter and what do you know, Elon Musk wrote back. He said great idea. We'll do it so right now we'll talk to this future marketing executive. Bria is joining us via Skype. Hi, Bria. So, how excited are you that Tesla is actually using your idea? I'm really, really excited and I didn't think that would happen. I didn't even think he would answer. And I was just -- I'm so, so happy. Do you have any suggestions of what they should do in terms of this ad? What would you write? What would you say? Something that will like entertain people and like get their attention. So, Bria, how did you get into Tesla? Well, my dad writes about cars and he is always talking about it so I kind of like learned about it from him and other family members. And you think it's a pretty cool car? Yeah, I think it's really cool. Good taste. So are you going to get involved in the contest? Do you have an idea for an ad? Well, I don't know have a Tesla car but I might -- I don't know though. I'm still deciding. Well, you know what, Bria, you know what this means, your dad has to buy you a Tesla car. How about that? I like that. I think Elon Musk can spring for one after you gave him the idea. I do too. He's going to get a free marketing campaign. We love that. Thank you. Thank you. Good to talk to you. She's got six years before she can drive. Great to see somebody so young and so smart -- writes that letter and throws it out there and gets a response from Elon Musk which is awesome on his part as well.

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{"id":45874771,"title":"New app helps you find a date who looks like your celebrity crush ","duration":"7:36","description":"Plus, the \"GMA\" anchors discuss their favorite sounds in honor of World Hearing Day. ","url":"/GMA/video/app-helps-find-date-celebrity-crush-45874771","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}