Go Behind the Scenes of 'GMA's' A.M. -Bush Prank

Prankster Will Ganss stops by "GMA Live" to show you the extra outtakes you didn't see on the show.
3:00 | 04/01/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Go Behind the Scenes of 'GMA's' A.M. -Bush Prank
We CNN eating or even how many out very jail we'll get to the -- yeah. She can point all right it's time for Sonia. But I love this kid and I am like supporting -- -- like. Well being. This could have. Yeah. Yeah. -- -- Okay. Yeah. This yeah. -- didn't really that is and I didn't. This is much more than you -- and this is the -- -- yeah. The bush and let's look -- yeah but this is well you've got your -- did you hear some pretty interesting colorful expletives I mean I -- But was astounded how quickly people can let those words fly -- early in the morning. Those were -- yeah. Yeah good luck dinners a group of men standing not and I I knew what was coming it -- that no but I -- and also makes this street and all the American worker advocates. -- Seattle's a lot of beat Carolina network and the staff of the I had a great time but I think he'll be a miracle by have a job to -- with the president. Scared all of my -- -- it's -- you know got your favorite. George was the best sport first serie he he you know he -- -- shake my hand he is really nice about it. My favorite was probably -- -- who was the longest weekly. And -- reasonably assume the cutest little girls like this tall she's blonde and she just let -- you did your mom with a mandate that. That's it she was she is it's what we've just happened a couple of different things for this is not even the weirdest thing I've -- on this yeah critical as to admit out loud you know but he just didn't do it definitely lost some and we have more outtakes live but we have a -- likely to -- come yet and he's young talent and -- -- -- Let's -- it to continue in at 3 AM oh yeah. -- -- -- Yeah. -- -- -- Yeah. -- -- CNN we'll. Mills has done he. Pujols got. Yeah. I love that some people are even awake enough to be shocked to deny anything about it and I think I said it. I said I just kept walking -- that morning well yeah. It was totally -- pentagon. Yes -- found out later that I was supposed to scare John -- and Hulk Hogan yet know which guys I'm not kidding I've never been more nervous than anything in my entire life a few million you do a replay their biceps are as big as my -- -- They -- picked me up and thrown it at Times Square -- I mean I did it but you know the. It was they were there were cool about a little bush -- not this year than he needed a day Eid al-Qaeda should've invested in some stilts in the -- -- this morning and it literally right. Kathleen I get that video we need to get the whole criminal pulled them more than once a year. Here -- that's John seems like you're shaking and I was like she's saying yeah. No -- And windy yeah -- definitely had -- foliage. If you.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Prankster Will Ganss stops by \"GMA Live\" to show you the extra outtakes you didn't see on the show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23142227","title":"Go Behind the Scenes of 'GMA's' A.M. -Bush Prank","url":"/GMA/video/april-foolss-day-pranks-2014-scenes-gmas-bush-23142227"}