Name of April the giraffe's baby revealed on 'GMA'

Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch appears live on "GMA" to reveal the name of April the giraffe's new calf.
10:15 | 05/01/17

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Transcript for Name of April the giraffe's baby revealed on 'GMA'
I'm not sure how many in our audience did this but I did peek in April the giraffe who gave birth and you know what we'll do now, we'll finally find out the baby's name. Yes. Right here only on "Gma" is joining us now from animal adventure park in harpersville, New York, park owner Jordan patch. Good morning, Jordan. How are you doing, my friend? Good, guys. Good morning. Before we get started, Jordan, how is the little -- how shall we say not so little fella doing so far? He's doing great and he certainly is not little anymore. Already we've -- he's already above six feet tall and grown three or four inches in just a couple of weeks. You shpts learned you need to give those carrots out faster. You held a naming contest. What I love what you did, you did it for charity. How much money did you guys raise? Well, the totals aren't totally in yet but we've raised a significant amount that's going to really help us with our conservation efforts and the continued care of our giraffes here so very excited about supporting a number of different groups. After a round of open voting you condensed it down to the ten names that were in the running and what are the top ten names? Yes. You know, I can list a few of them for you. We had patches, patch, gio, unity, Jeffrey, Noah and, of course, Alyssa's choice, the giraffe keeper at the park. I have to say, you could start a new live feed of you feeding carrots to April there. You're cracking up our audience back there. Go ahead, robin. Don't keep us -- ah. Oh, you know what, now you're just showing off, Jordan. You're just showing off. Yeah, yeah. It's another day in the office. You know what we're going to do, time to get the suspense over with. Can we get a drum roll, please. Okay, Jordan, tell us the name, please. Well, the popular vote was Alyssa's choice, so, yes. So that name -- so Alyssa and Cory, the primary giraffe keepers came up with the name Tajiri. Now, Tajiri is a word in swahili that means hope and they picked that name because they hope that we can continue forward this message of conservation for sustainability and preservation of giraffes in the wild and also our efforts in captivity. The name also stands for confidence which we're very confident. Now if you think that's hard to say don't worry we'll call him taj. Taj. Taj. Great name. Ah. Well, that's funny, you named the giraffe and April is like, oh, I'm done. Turn my back. We got to say, thank you so much. The spotlight is off her. It's been a pleasure. We appreciate it so much. A pleasure to do that with him and been a lot of fun to watch and you know what, Lara, you got somebody very special as well for us. So excited. You guys ready? Our next guest is out of this world from "Guardians of the galaxy" volume 2, give it up for Chris Pratt. ??? Whoo! How are you doing? Thanks for coming in. Of course. Good to see you. You know how to make an entrance. The smoke and everything. My smoke machines. I'm travel with them. Like snoop Dogg. Good morning, America. Yes. So before we get started talking, congrats on the movie but congrats on getting your own star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Thank you. Thank you That's a -- how did that feel when you heard the news. Oh, man, when I heard the news, I couldn't really digest it, you know, it was like it didn't seem very real to me and then I knew the date and it was approaching and then it just was so amazing. I had my mom, my brother, my sister, all my nephews, my Anna, our sweet son plus everyone that represents me in Hollywood, my whole team. I don't think I've ever had that group of people altogether at one time. Is it the kind of thing that ever crossed your mind when you were a kid. No, no. I mean it was a little bit like being an astronaut or something. You be like, yeah, that would be cool. I have no idea how someone does that. You know. And Anna was live tweeting like literally by the minute. Yeah. Chris is now dressing. Chris is now breathing. Chris is now -- Yeah, she was doing like a photojournalism experiment and it was very fun. You'll never forget it. I won't. It was really cool. It was cool and I've been saying like when you can their a moment like that because this whole thing has been kind of a crazy whirlwind since the first "Guardians of the galaxy" came out, a lot of things happening at once and you tend to kind of hunker down inside the eye of the storm as all this crazy stuff is happening with you and it takes being with your family or friends or somebody close to you for you to actually step back and be present in that moment and enjoy that moment and it's been -- and having her there and like, for instance, that live tweeting thing or having jack with us, it just all of a sudden I got to enjoy what was happening. It's great. Well deserved. Well deserved. You shared so much. Those videos about your snacks, I mean just really crack us up. Do you have a favorite snack? I love it. Do you have a fave? Meat. Meat is not a snack. Well, meatballs. Okay. Meat shakes -- shakes. Meat star, meat rectangles. I like a meat snack if I can actually eat. You know, now it's like kale chips and crap like that or something. To the a huge fan. You got to stay in shape for these movies. I got to try. You dot to try to. If you can. In this one you get to act with Kurt Russell. Yes. How was it the first day there he is on set. What was it like meeting him for the first time. Man, it was crazy. It was like I'm a huge fan and I don't often get starstruck but I kind of was and I think you just have to get that out of the way when you meet someone like a Kurt Russell, you just have to say, listen, we're going to work together for a few months and hopefully become best friends and stuff like that. And I -- you know, I want to make sure that we build this relationship on some foundation of authenticity so I need to at least say I love you so much. "Big China little China" you get that out of the way and takes about five, ten minutes saying, I know, I know and then we get past that and became friends and I have a cell phone number. I'll give you all his cell phone number. Yeah. Pretty awesome. Who wants Kurt Russell's cell phone number? While he's giving that you want to see some "Guardians of the galaxy"? Let's take a look. All of this, I really would but you left the most wonderful woman ever to die alone. I didn't want to leave your mother, Peter. If I don't return regularly to my plan threat and the light withit, this form will wither and perish. So why didn't you come back? Why did you send yandu a criminal to fetch me. I loved your mother, Peter. I couldn't stand to set foot on an Earth where she wasn't living. You can't imagine what that's like. I know exactly what that feels like. I had to watch her die. Whoa. Wow. You got a couple laughs there. Hilarious. Interesting clip to choose but good morning, America. Best friend talk right there. Hanging out as two bros. One thing that's so great in the film is all the music. We love the throwback tunes. Yeah, for sure. And clearly you get into it. We've seen videos of you dancing. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I mean it's really good music and people love that element. There we go. Oh, there we go, the galactic shuffle. I mean not to brag but, yeah. I did all that choreography myself. It took me three weeks of training. "Dancing with the stars" is coming up next hopefully. Good luck. That's my audition tape. When you are out dancing you have a go to move? Um, yeah, yeah, it's the overbite. Yeah, no matter what the move is I have this. Seems to really just seal the deal, you know. It's like searing a steak at the end. It's like the move is dope. Add that, game changer. You know what, man -- What an awesome crowd. I got to say this, adding you seriously to any movie is a game changer. We're about to change the game for the audience because everyone is getting four tickets to see "Guardians of the galaxy: Volume 2" courtesy of our

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{"id":47123046,"title":"Name of April the giraffe's baby revealed on 'GMA'","duration":"10:15","description":"Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch appears live on \"GMA\" to reveal the name of April the giraffe's new calf. ","url":"/GMA/video/april-giraffes-baby-revealed-gma-47123046","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}