Arctic Weather Heads East

A winter storm slammed Western states with snow and whiteout conditions, leaving 40 states under winter weather advisories as it heads east.
2:50 | 01/06/17

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Transcript for Arctic Weather Heads East
And 80 million Americans facing a winter weather wallop. Some people are very excited. This is from lit rock, Arkansas. A group of middle school students desperate for a day off. They're doing a snow dance. It started snowing there earlier this morning. My kids were by the snow day calculators last night. Not so bad here. They're luckier than these kids. Forced to stay at school late into the night. Because of the conditions. Eventually, they got a bus able to take them home. That snow still coming down for so many in so many places. Ginger tracking it all. It's snowing from Texas and Oklahoma to right here in new York and parts of new England. Look at this. Almost the entire nation in some sort of winter weather alert. These are wind chill warnings. Right through Virginia and Maryland, we're concerned about a winter storm. The first one making ts way through the northeast. Rob Marciano is in Shirley, new York, this morning. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning. So many Americans waking up to the snow falling out of the sky. Snow coating the roadways. At this temperature, just enough. We were sliding a little bit trying to get here. The secondary roadways extremely slick. This is just the opening round. This morning, the start of a wintry weather weekend. For east coasters, whiteout conditions blasting parts of new York stay. Go, go. Reporter: With some residents digging out of over two feet of snow. In Buffalo, a graveyard of cars on the road. Out west, a snow day for many Colorado residents. Workers at Denver's airport working round the clock, deicing planes. This is what Denver is looking like at the moment. Reporter: In Nevada, authorities urging drivers to stay off this highway near Reno, after two people were rescued from an avalanche. Dangerous commutes across the midwest. In Kentucky, car wrecks scattered across the snowy and icy street zblps the snow is coming down hard. Reporter: In the south, the preparation begins for the winter storm expected to hit tonight. With states of emergencies already declared in Alabama and Georgia. We do feel fortunate that it's coming in, potentially on a Friday night, where we will have the week end to really address the roads. Reporter: They're hoping that weekend timing helps. Just three years ago, the southeast got paralyzed by a similar storm. So they're hustling, especially cities like Atlanta, to pretreat the road ways. That same system clips eastern new England including long Island. A winter storm watch posted for right here this weekend.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"A winter storm slammed Western states with snow and whiteout conditions, leaving 40 states under winter weather advisories as it heads east.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44594107","title":"Arctic Weather Heads East","url":"/GMA/video/arctic-weather-heads-east-44594107"}