Pop Star Ordered to Stop Singing by Doctors

Singer Ariana Grande had to cancel performances after suffering a vocal cord hemorrhage.
2:37 | 09/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pop Star Ordered to Stop Singing by Doctors
We begin with arianna grande. The 20-year-old singer that's drawn comparisons to mariah carry. She's been forced to cancel performances after suffering damage to her vocal chords. Reporter: Within hours of finding out her debut album was going straight to number one, 20-year-old arianna grande fell silent. Her doctors ordering her to stop using her voice immediately. Abc news has learned the singer, who's being called the new face of pop, suffered a vocal chord hemorrhage. A vocal chord hemorrhage is when some of the tiny blood vessels ruptures, causing a bruise. It's important to rest the voice in order to prevent long-term damage. Reporter: Grande's rising star status landed her a performance at last month's mtv video music awards. THE REACTION AT THE VMAs WAS Like, wow. Who is this girl? That pushed her album to number one. Reporter: This morning, her injury has caused her to cancel dozens of media appearances, designed to capitalize on her chart-topper. ♪ she's been compared to mariah carey because she has a crazy range. Reporter: Only 15 other female vocalists have made it straight to number one with a debut album. Including britney spears, beyonce, and alicia keys. Many are wondering if grande's budding career could be in danger. Adel was silenced for several months when she developed a sore on her vocal cords. If a singer were to continue singing, they would develop scarring on their vocal cords, which would change the voice quality. Reporter: Grande first turned heads starring in the nickelodeon series, "victoryious." And an actress and singer who this morning, can't speak. Tweeting, I screamed too much of my party. Totally irresponsible. But it's better now. Thanks for the well-wishes. Doctors say one of the reasons we may be seeing more singers with voice injuries is because their schedules are more hectic than previous generations. The voices may not be getting enough rest between concerts. And events. Thank you. Hope she feels better. She has some pipes.

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{"id":20233344,"title":"Pop Star Ordered to Stop Singing by Doctors","duration":"2:37","description":"Singer Ariana Grande had to cancel performances after suffering a vocal cord hemorrhage.","url":"/GMA/video/ariana-grande-cancels-show-injury-ordered-stop-singing-20233344","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}