Sole 'Hot Shot' Survivor Warned Fellow Firefighters

Brendan McDonough was working as the lookout when winds shifted and 19 of his teammates were killed.
2:08 | 07/03/13

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Transcript for Sole 'Hot Shot' Survivor Warned Fellow Firefighters
Now, to the latest on the lethal arizona wildfire that left 19 firefighters dead. We're learning that the sole survivor was acting as a lookout for his fellow firefighters and he narrowly escaped the fast-moving flames. Clayton sandell is in congress, arizona, with the latest on that. Reporter: Good morning, elizabeth. Overnight, the first real progress on this fire. Firefighters say they have about 8% containment on this fire so far. And this morning, we're also learning more about that one firefighter who escaped the blaze as disaster closed in. The sole survivor of the prescott hot shots is 21-YEAR-OLD brendan McDonough. He was on a hillside within a mile or two of the crew. Reporter: Mcdonough was working sunday as the team's lookout, when suddenly, the winds shifted. The inferno charges right at him. He did exactly what he was supposed to do. He radioed to the supervisor of the grand mountain hot shots that his trigger point had been reached and he was going to move. Reporter: He warned his fellow hot shots, the fire was rapidly closing in. But they could not escape. One of their last moments captured in this image. Andrew ashcraft sent it to his wife before he died. At a candlelight vigil last night, honoring the prescott 19 -- brendan, this is for you. We love you. Reporter: Mcdonough was spotted in the crowd. Thousands in this community standing with him. He would like everyone to know that he is physically healthy. And everyone can appreciate that he's working through the process of dealing with this loss. And that could last for some time. Reporter: Meanwhile, the firefight continues. And thousands of families still cannot go home. Thank you so much for fighting the fire. We are praying for you. Reporter: Federal and state investigators from all over the country are now arriving. They're hoping to figure out what went so wrong in this case and prevent it from ever happening again. Elizabeth? All right, clayton. Thank you so much. You know that sole survivor must be experiencing a little survivor's guilt. I cannot imagine what that

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{"id":19563069,"title":"Sole 'Hot Shot' Survivor Warned Fellow Firefighters","duration":"2:08","description":"Brendan McDonough was working as the lookout when winds shifted and 19 of his teammates were killed.","url":"/GMA/video/arizona-wildfire-19-firefighters-killed-sole-hot-shot-19563069","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}