Armie Hammer Visits 'GMA' to Talk 'The Birth of a Nation'

The actor is live in Times Square to discuss playing conflicted slave owner Sam Turner in the new film.
4:16 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Armie Hammer Visits 'GMA' to Talk 'The Birth of a Nation'
I'm here now with armie hammer who plays Sam turner with a torn conscious in "The birth of a nation." He becomes master to his childhood friend nat turner, a relationship that gets more complicated as they get older. Take a look. Do I hear 2.50. She looks right young. Right. She on. With the right teacher. Like that. Work a long time. There it is. 2.75. Should be a shame to watch it go waste for a little pride. What the hell would you know what's a little and what's a lot, huh? Man, you know, you play a slave owner which in a lot of ways is a villain in that time. Sure. I guess in our country's history and it was -- it's so tough, I mean, such a tough role but I'm just curious, I know you. When you're on set and doing that, how do you get away from that? It's hard, man. It was not -- it was not a -- it was not a fun movie to make in the sense of, you know, jokey-jokey. It deals with really heavy subject matter but we owed it to the people involved in the rebellion and owed it to our country's history to be honest and show the reality of what life was then. You made this transformation not physically. Yeah. The hair, the teeth, everything Se. Did that make it easier for you to get away from the character once you weren't on set. Yeah, it was just a mess. I had a crazy beard and horrible fake teeth that Nate make me. There was a picture of me on the wall and someone doodled on my teeth like someone draws a mustache. You forgot to take this down. No, that's what we're going to do to your teeth and they went to town. I have to live with it every day, my friend. But the one thing everybody says about this film that's important, the one word that continues to come up. Why do you think the film is important for people to see. I think it introduces a lot of interesting things in the conversation of race and shows the beginning and origin of how race relations work in this country. A lot of things we don't realize whether it's, you know, the origins of policing which people were catching runaway slaves that turned to p-troll ecp-trollers and you have to deal with it. Makes you emotionally raw. You say it's not a happy set. Heavy subject matter but what were some things you were able to do to lighten it up. I -- funny story. I actually bought a pig from one of the extras. They showed up -- if that will lighten it up. Yeah, yeah, so this guy is supposed to bring a pig and brings this hog and it's enormous. It's like -- it's almost as tall as I am. It's -- Nate looks at it and says, it makes me nervous. If it runs wild we won't be able to get this thing and bigger than pigs were back then. The man was like, I didn't want this pig. I guess I got to drive it all the way home now and I said, so, wait. Would you sell it. He said, how much. I said, how much do you want for it. He says, 150 bucks. I was like, dude, here's 300 buck, thanks for the pig. And we had it for a little bit then I cooked it for the whole crew and we had a big barbecue. Yep. I know. You know I'm not going to judge you because growing up I had a pet pig too and the family enjoyed the pig. See. I understand that man. Congratulation, your next big project, you and your wife, another baby. We have another baby on the way. Another baby. Thank you. There you are. Beautiful couple. Yeah, yeah. But you messed up and gave away the gender on on "Kimmel." Maybe I did. Maybe I didn't. Okay, fine, maybe I did. Totally did. I'm not so good with the secret thing which my wife enjoys. Congratulations on the baby. Congratulations on the movie. This movie is very, very -- it's incredible movie. You're amazing and "The birth of a nation" opens nationwide Friday. If you get a chance, check it owl out.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"The actor is live in Times Square to discuss playing conflicted slave owner Sam Turner in the new film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42574150","title":"Armie Hammer Visits 'GMA' to Talk 'The Birth of a Nation'","url":"/GMA/video/armie-hammer-visits-gma-talk-birth-nation-42574150"}