Ashley Judd's Divorce Under Political Attack

The actress might run for Senate, making her the target of a new attack ad.
2:17 | 02/08/13

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Transcript for Ashley Judd's Divorce Under Political Attack
And we're back with ashley judd and what could be her biggest role to date. She could be gearing up for a run for senate. Things are shaping up in washington, and targets of a new ad. Paula faris has the latest. Reporter: On abc's "missing," she's known for attacking bad guys head-on. Now, on the heels of a tricky divorce, ashley judd is under a different kind of attack. Ashley judd, an obama-following radical liberal. Reporter: After judd ran for senate in her home state of kentucky, that would take mitch McCONNELL HEAD OF ON, A SUPER Pac released this video online, mocking the actress for supporting president obama. Someone who knows what's good for us. Obama care has done so much for us. Someone who shares our values. If she's interested in joining the nfl, she's going to They're concerned about a celebrity opponent. Would she outperform a typical democrat in kentucky? Sure. Reporter: Her mother and sister are well-known for her country hits. And she's a powerhouse actress in her own ght. With a career spanning two decades. Starring in films from "double jeopardy" to "kiss the girls." Her personal life has made headlijust last month. She announced her split from dario franchitti after 11 years of marriage. They grew uncomfortable together. And he would get annoyed about all of the public affection she would give him. Reporter: Now, it's the public's affection that judd will need to court. While she did not return calls on whether oe'll run for the senate, it appears her opponent -- she's a hollywood liberal. Reporter: -- Are convinced she will. Paula faris, abc news, new york. And get ready for more. Karl rove says he has a sequel in the works. I told bill o'reilly last night, this is just the opening story. I guess so. It does appear that way. Yes. Anybody?

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{"id":18439014,"title":"Ashley Judd's Divorce Under Political Attack","duration":"2:17","description":"The actress might run for Senate, making her the target of a new attack ad.","url":"/GMA/video/ashley-judds-divorce-political-attack-super-pac-prepares-18439014","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}