Asiana Flight 214 Crashes on San Francisco Runway

Investigators search for crash?s cause, witnesses and survivors give firsthand accounts.
9:07 | 07/07/13

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Transcript for Asiana Flight 214 Crashes on San Francisco Runway
We want to get straight to the latest information we gathered overnight here is what we know about the crash in San Francisco as we come on the air right now the two people who did not survive were both. Sixteen year old girls from China. There were 307 people on board that flight including passengers and crew. 182. We're -- to local hospitals 49 of them. In critical condition for hours after the crash there were scores of passengers unaccounted for. This morning -- everybody is finally a captive for. And overnight investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board arrived on the scene. They -- about this picture of the NTSB chairman and the investigator in charge examining the inside of the plane. They have recovered the black boxes filled with crucial information on what happened on that flight and they are already on their way back to Washington for analysis. Also this morning in Korea the CEO of -- on airlines held a news conference saying he does not believe the crash was caused by mechanical failure. Although he refused to blame the pilots all of whom he said were highly trained. -- interest things clearly confusing press conference -- ABC news has team coverage on this developing story. And -- to start an ABC's Cecilia Vega who is in San Francisco to -- good morning. -- got a good morning to you we know there were 61 American citizens onboard flight 214 we're learning more about the other passengers thirty of them were children. Investigators out here are saying what happened in San Francisco yesterday is nothing short of a crash landing. As for those who witnessed the whole thing they say it's a miracle so many survived. The nightmare happened in the final seconds of 810 and a half hour flight all the way from Seoul South Korea to San Francisco -- devastating crash landing that killed two and injured nearly 21127. AM. Asia and a airlines flight to fourteen was on its final approach when witnesses say it hit the ground hard tail first just feet from the runway. Scattering debris before coming to rest on its belly roughly eighty feet from the runway. It didn't just like. From the tail section six -- it's done to resolve. Dick tale was missing. The fuselage in -- in flames. But the Boeing Jumbo -- still had enough battery power to radioed the tower which already knew there was trouble or. -- -- 11:35. AM rescue crews race to the runway. At the scene of chaos some of the more than 300 onboard flight 214 more in the water. Possibly trying to douse themselves after the plane went up in flames. Flames that firefighters rush to put out. If she's had already been deployed and we -- multiple numbers of people coming down the sheets and actually walking to their safety which is a good thing. By 1 PM -- nearly 200 people were transported to hospitals hours later 4:18 PM two confirmed dead. Then 7:47 PM some relief. All passengers and crew accounted for. Most critically injured people and some of them had signs. They had fractures and internal bleeding head injuries spinal injuries. The NTSB is launching a full investigation into exactly what caused the devastating crash. Cash -- certainly be looking epic aircraft to try to find it -- cockpit voice recorders and flight Gator borders as well as document the accident scene. Lot of work to do -- -- still now we also know onboard flight 214. T 148 teacher and her students from China they were headed to the United States four -- summer trip. Be honest so many parents this morning still trying to figure out how their children are doing. Only imagine what a living hell it is for those parents. All right -- our thanks to you. And with more details coming in it is clear that this was a terrifying experience for those on board that flight. ABC's David Wright has gripping firsthand accounts from the survivors. Good morning David. Good morning -- you know most of us have heard that flight attendants feel so many times we pretty much just tune it out. But after something like this you're gonna pay closer attention hundreds of people walking away from a fiery plane crash with an amazing story to -- Here in flight movie on Asia and at 214 was -- 91 -- a Korean romance about firefighters. Benjamin Levy Washington thirty K a window -- I realized there was semen -- window that we were thank you -- suddenly on final approach the plane seemed to bounce and then belly flop onto the runway Delaware splashed out. And the engine -- And then -- treating heart -- first time. And then -- like going back up again and we when I don't put your car keys he had done -- the whole thing from his video across the bay Dallas and has not run to learn where we just heard Rupert really loud boom. And the plane had just lost in -- cedar -- just black smoke what looked like dust the fuselage filled with smoke and screams she was -- motion. I was not a company this is happening now now we're going to be OK some -- this feeling that -- that would be okay. Kelly -- -- my time maybe. Thirty K was an emergency exits it. Oakland could be door and other debris on the outside. No decides to go off I was screaming saying it's okay help each other. -- -- -- Get out get out -- he was among the last to get out he took his carry on with it judge and any -- so strong and -- you don't you don't think you. I think you'll investors have what kind of person -- Today I'm glad I was able to help like a lot of other people helped. In that carry on his cell phone he immediately called his wife to tell her -- he was -- a very cool customer. Astonishingly -- the statistics show that 95%. Plus survive plane crashes and most of the survivors describe. The evacuation procedures as sort of organized chaos not the sort of panic you'd expect. That is an amazing statistic also amazing to hear that you say a very cool customer describe those moments after the crash David Wright thank you. As we mentioned federal investigators from the NTSB arrived on the scene overnight is another picture that they tweeted out as they surveyed the wreckage. Now begins the possibly painstaking process of figuring out how and why this happened ABC's David -- is covering that angle from Washington DC David good morning. Morning Dan and ABC news has learned that the NTSB has recovered those too black boxes which at this hour on their way here to Washington for analysis. They will be critical in this investigation. And later today the investigators hope to be talking to the pilots -- the crew about why this jetliner ended up way short of the runway. This is only the second crash of a Boeing triple seven and like the first it was a crash landing until it didn't also plays Q how did. -- -- -- -- real polite to 14 from Seoul South Korea have been in the air for nearly ten and a half hours and all sounded fine on final approach. It to a place -- just put garlic won't let those. Powerful. But the Asian -- him up just a few feet short and when they can't. Sparks flew as the jet approached the runway which juts into the -- Witnesses say the nose was unusually pointing upward suggesting the pilots didn't have -- -- power or momentum to make it to the runway. I couldn't tell us little mind. He also was appliance curious -- and cry every look like an explosion. -- -- apparently hit the seawall the break water shearing off. The bulk of the jets came to rest on the airfield when we had arrived on scene issues had argued that deployed as passengers were evacuating other pilot -- -- remarkable scene. People walking out so -- senate. We could see about three people who are moving and provide just. NTSB investigators scrambled and will be extremely interested in talking to the pilots. And recovering the black boxes a specially the flight data recorder. They can provide -- information about the airplanes operations. About specific parameters. And so that will lead us certainly. To better facts about this investigation. At this point in time there is no indication. Terrorism. The jet that crashed his only seven years old -- -- airlines does a good safety record but this crash is purely similar the only other triple seven crash. Five years ago in London. No one was killed there and the crash was blamed on a specific problem with the engine type. The AG anti aircraft uses a different engine. A somewhat strange news conference from the CEO of Asian airlines who declared he doesn't think that it was a mechanical problem that led to the crash landing. And he refused to comment on possible pilot error. It is far too early in the NTSB's belief to rule anything out these investigations going over every system every action. They can take up to a year data beyond a silly question to answer and it may be awhile before we get those answers -- acrylic thank you.

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{"id":19598447,"title":"Asiana Flight 214 Crashes on San Francisco Runway","duration":"9:07","description":"Investigators search for crash?s cause, witnesses and survivors give firsthand accounts.","url":"/GMA/video/asiana-flight-214-crashes-san-francisco-runway-19598447","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}