AT&T, T-Mobile Fight Could Benefit Consumers

Mobile carriers are now offering you money to drop their competitors.
3:00 | 01/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for AT&T, T-Mobile Fight Could Benefit Consumers
We got good news for consumers. We've all grown up with the battle between coke and pepsi, McDONALD'S AND BURGER KING OF Now a new battle at&t versus t-mobile and rebecca jarvis here to explain how that can save us serious money. Good morning. Good morning. It's one of those rare cases where their greed is good news for us. One of the things that keeps most people from switching phone carriers are those massive termination fees. They can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars but this morning two of the largest carriers in the country are trying to steal business from each other by paying you to make the switch. Introducing jump from t-mobile. Reporter: This morning, a building battle for your business going on now between the biggest mobile phone companies in the country and the winner could be you. The consumer. T-mobile offering customers who dump the competition, at&t, verizon or sprint, up to $650. Just days before, the tri's number two, at&t offering $450 to t-mobile customers to make the switch. All marketing and it's clearly working for them. Reporter: T-mobile's scrappy ceo also grabbing headlines for antics like these. Hey, kids, is it better for your network to be or better to have a good lte hi high-speed network. Reporter: Crashing a party, the t-mobile bus claiming he washlthsed to hear music. I JUST love McLemore. He engages with the press and customers actively on social media. Well-known guy and great marketing tactic. Reporter: It sure is it working. T-mobile adding 4.5 million subscribers last year. But while both sides fight it out, there is one clear winner. Are we ultimately going to save money because all of these guys are beating up on each other? In we are seeing the bigger guys like at&t and verizon respond to t-mobile so that is a good thick. We are starting to see change. Reporter: Some odd tactics. Even though the strategy is helping t-mobile steal away customers it's a long way from faking over verizon and at&t and before switching you also in addition to that cost want to consider the coverage in your area and the speed, george and robin. A lot to factor in. Rebecca, thanks very much.

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{"id":21486065,"title":"AT&T, T-Mobile Fight Could Benefit Consumers","duration":"3:00","description":"Mobile carriers are now offering you money to drop their competitors.","url":"/GMA/video/att-mobile-fight-benefit-consumers-21486065","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}