Author Spills Secrets of Hollywood Poker A-Listers

Molly Bloom, author of "Molly's Game," explains the world of underground celebrity poker.
3:18 | 06/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Author Spills Secrets of Hollywood Poker A-Listers
The world of high-stakes underground poker games involving celebrities and billionaires has been a closely-guarded secret until now. The new book, "Molly's game" just out today, is making headlines with big stories in "Vanity fair" and "People" magazine. We have Molly bloom with us. Thanks for being with us. Thanks for having me. Your boss asked you to host a game shortly after moving to L.A. And it all went from there. In this high-stakes world of poker. Who was typically sitting at your table? There was very recognizable faces, such as Tony Maguire, Leo Dicaprio, Ben Affleck. Matt Damon once. Matt Damon once. And there's an assortment of other people who generally had a pretty high net worth. All those big names. What would you say attracted it most to the game? Was it the celebrities? Was it the money? Was it the thrill of it? I think the first game I went to, just the access to these people who were larger than life, who were successful, who are speaking freely about, you know, business and the movie industry. And it just wasn't the type of access that I was used to. It was fascinating and also lucrative. How much money did you make at your peak? I think my tax returns showed about $4 million. $4 million. And this was mostly cash. You had an incident. When you were banking, your bank said, we're not doing business with you anymore. That had to be a huge red flag. You had to leave with bags of cash. Yes. It wasn't all cash. They liquidated my checking account, as well. You walked away with money. But eventually, you lost it all. What happened? Well, the government seized my assets. And I -- yeah. You didn't have a penny to your name. I did not. When you were taking tips, perfectly legal. When you moved the game here, dealing with billionaires. There was an element of organized crime getting involved, as well. You decided to take a break. And that was a percentage of the pot. And that was illegal. I crossed the line at that point, which was a terrible decision. And I had to pay the consequences for it. Why did you decide to write this book, Molly? I decided to write this book because throughout the seven or eight years that I ran these games, I learned a lot of incredible lessons. And you know, about being an entrepreneur and being a woman in a man's world. And I also made some very bad choices. I'm hoping that people can get inspired by, you know, sort of pursuing my ambitions bravely. And also learned from the cautionary tale. Trust your gut. Yes. It is a fascinating read. "Molly's game" out today. Alex Rodriguez, was one of the names mentioned in the book, who sat at the table. His spokesman denied his involvement whatsoever. We contacted the other names in the book. And they declined to comment.

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{"id":24278315,"title":"Author Spills Secrets of Hollywood Poker A-Listers","duration":"3:18","description":"Molly Bloom, author of \"Molly's Game,\" explains the world of underground celebrity poker. ","url":"/GMA/video/author-spills-secrets-hollywood-poker-listers-24278315","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}