The 'Avatar' movie comes to life at Disney World

ABC News' Paula Faris reports live from the new "Avatar" attraction that is currently being built at Disney World in Orlando, Fla.
4:35 | 03/09/17

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Transcript for The 'Avatar' movie comes to life at Disney World
blowing around our feet right now. K-k-kkkai. This is meg our set designer and along with the imagineers, I feel like we've been transported right here. We have. It is amazing what you all do and appreciate that so much and the movie "Avatar" took us into another world and now you can explore it for real. Walt Disney resort's new Pandora: The world of avatar. Paula Faris got a sneak peek and say hello to you, Paula. Reporter: Hello to you, robin. But since we are here in Pandora, the world of avatar maybe I should say kalti, hello in that language. James Cameron who has been integral in creating this world said it's like dreaming with your eyes wide open and it really is. Look behind me. We have the interactive flasca and floating mountains. Don't ask how they're suspended but they are and then this place glows at night. It is bio luminescent. Absolutely spectacular and we have a sneak peek. The movie "Avatar" took place on the moon of Pandora. Green and magical and at one with nature. And now their world is on our world. Welcome to Pandora. I've been involved with this for years and I still find things knew to see. Reporter: You are transported to a different place. But it's rich with the flora and fauna and with floating mountains that are 156 feet high with cascading waterfalls that you can walk under. It's pretty spectacular. It is pretty cool. How did you do this? We'll never tell you. Reporter: A collaboration between Disney and avatar's movie producers, right now this land is still under wraps, but I got a sneak peek at this fictional world come to life. If you're a fan of the movie you'll feel like you're stepping into the screen. The floating mountains, here. The movie's lush forests, exotic plants, all here. This is the first time I feel like I'm walking in the movie. Really. Because when we made the movie it was a virtual world. We didn't build any of the pandoran sets. Reporter: With four sequels now in the works everything becomes research. We're going to be bringing down our production designer, our cast. You're kidding. And other people and they too can feel like they went to Pandora. Reporter: There are two pandoras in that's right. Day and night. Everything around us is bio luminesce sent. We're surrounded by light that is coming from the living things around us and it's really beautiful. Reporter: No detail too small. Even the food is other worldly. The drinks sparkle. And this dessert. This is our blue cheesecake. You don't mind if I eat this whole thing. It's really good. It wouldn't be Disney world without the rides. On flight of passage you're scanned and matched to our own avatar. Oh. Decontaminating you now. I've been decontaminated in avatar and ready to go. Riding goggles. It's go time, but, sorry, you can't watch because this is still top secret. Get out. Yes, this ride is still top secret but you can hear my reaction. Aaagh. Holy cow. Trust me it makes you feel like you're flying on your own personal banchee. I have been to Pandora. You have to experience it. Reporter: And pretty soon you can too. You really do have to experience it and, robin, you know how much I love to talk. I was completely speechless after that ride. Breathless. It just knocked -- you guys, it just totally blew me away and appeals to all your senses but particularly smell, touch, taste, all of it and when you do visit this world, you guys, it's pretty spectacular. Gentle nods to the original movie as well as maybe possible foreshadowing to the four sequels in the works but almost upon us. The time is almost here, you guys, the end of may. You can visit this world as well. Have a gait time, Paula. Thank you and you can see more of Pandora: The world of avatar on "The view" at 11:00 A.M. Eastern when whoopi gets an exclusive tour with avatar director James Cameron but we're

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{"duration":"4:35","description":"ABC News' Paula Faris reports live from the new \"Avatar\" attraction that is currently being built at Disney World in Orlando, Fla. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46006229","title":"The 'Avatar' movie comes to life at Disney World","url":"/GMA/video/avatar-movie-life-disney-world-46006229"}