How to avoid scams when adopting a puppy

An expert shares the tips on avoiding scammers online this holiday season.
2:23 | 12/10/17

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Transcript for How to avoid scams when adopting a puppy
Welcome back to our weekend download. This could go off the rails in about five seconds. If your kids are hoping to find a pet turned tree, it's a great idea. You need the to be careful of the puppy scams. Greg, the CEO of puppy is joining us with guidance. These puppies are not for adoption. I wish I would have spoken to you. We wept into getting a puppy blindly. We got one two months ago. How to you know your family is ready? A puppy is not a seasonalal gift. You have to have an honest conversation about your living environment. Who is going to take care of the dog for 15 years. Will the dog be okay on national television sfmplts we're finding that out. We bought a puppy that was sick. We got our money back. To keep the dog healthy was almost twice the cost of what the puppy cost us. What are things you can look for? Think one of the things is, getting a sick dog is terrible. And a responsible person will help you with that. The real scams are people that take your maund don't give you a dog. Typical typically, puppy scams prey on open hearts and open wallets. They'll typically have a website. Only communicate with you online. Try to force you the pay them via western union or moneygram. That's a big red flag. If they have PayPal -- PayPal or any reputable source. This is so fun. Oh, my word. Is there any other specific advice? To tell if a website is legitimate. Responsible. Breeders and shelters are transparent. They have reviews. They want you the read them. Puppy scams, many emanate oversee overseas. Only communicate with you online. And they won't talk with you. Do you have a psychiatrist for rob's puppy. He doesn't stop shaking. This is miracle. Miracle is waiting for this to be over in a hurry. Greg, thank you for the great advice. These are so great for a family. It's brought our family a lot closer together having a puppy in the home.

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{"duration":"2:23","description":"An expert shares the tips on avoiding scammers online this holiday season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51700214","title":"How to avoid scams when adopting a puppy","url":"/GMA/video/avoid-scams-adopting-puppy-51700214"}