Avril Lavigne: It's Not That 'Complicated'

Avril Lavigne stops by to discuss her new album and her recent wedding!
4:42 | 11/11/13

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Transcript for Avril Lavigne: It's Not That 'Complicated'
Haven't even begun this inner -- I now IBM a great studio audience yeah so pumped that -- -- -- well. -- A lot of big -- so we have a lot to talk about first of all congratulations. On your recent wedding just got -- over the summer -- -- did not -- acting you got engaged after a -- frighten some -- and he -- -- love at first night was that this intense yeah I think. We hit it off immediately and I remembered Chad seen very protective remain -- -- -- despite the -- -- into my pocket. You're like okay I think I like that it again at and said. The -- is like writing music and bonding over that -- These are dating six months and see you into that spins making records. And any proposed a month and a half a month and a week. After dating he proposed and I thought that that was so lost some -- there wasn't expecting it. He did it in the studio like me -- on backing and to do more work and that. I walked in one day. And he got down on his -- I remember being night I've never ends lingering I got -- my leg yes. Yeah. Since you brought it out yeah. Seriously I'll show you mine if you show me your hand and -- Alison thank you thank you is so not. Hopefully snubsie -- -- I I mean I never seen every likeness he. It's actually beautiful he -- that area an act castle. In the French country side. And you your wedding I think it was so app world because you worry -- -- pride or black right did someone tell me about that -- a -- wedding cake. And yak I've -- K let's just make this rock and brought cast though in -- black wedding dress black and make up black -- counts. And then. A black wedding cake. Is -- I know that you guys have some unconventional rules for a successful marriage -- about the hands. We just decided that we wouldn't like parity in my painter and Kim -- do all that stuff mustard together and -- -- your part you guys don't -- saying and then and then every you have to you only allowed ourselves to weeks apart yet -- you -- again right. And then the second that we have take -- back at work again it's crazy but it's all about balance and so we want to make it work. I know that you guys you -- you went on your new apple and tell me more about the new album and how it. Sir it is is that is at a different Ab roller how'd you changed as an artist -- -- But south -- -- and it's -- -- record and it's it's it's very mean. And it's so diverse all the sounds and styles from the past -- in previous records it that's there and that attitude that. That person. And then also. I've experimented and ground have a song -- -- Katie it's -- like an electronic feel to it. And it rocks on Marilyn Manson performs on -- And -- and I -- do a duet there's balance it's not that tidbit -- Play that -- break up love -- that -- is the even not taking any bar and bag. The leader -- -- there's just there's more going on ends. At times nice -- mart locally and has a lot of storytelling it's very diverse so here's the whole thing I think this -- -- -- -- -- Came out there and junior 19 and you had your first I guess -- big record at sixteen -- -- record deal. So did you have a hard time making that transition because it seems like a lot of artists. -- -- Become famous in their teens than they have to grow lobster in front of everybody's eyes and some have struggled with more than others happy -- deal with Afro. I had money. Childhood act. School -- Atlanta's high school I had T sent planes -- -- and in theory very small town. In Canada I think that it is in inches steam lifestyle and to think that he needs to be -- -- -- Meaning to stay really focused for me -- was working so. I still really lucky to be here today to -- making music.

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{"duration":"4:42","description":"Avril Lavigne stops by to discuss her new album and her recent wedding!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20853386","title":"Avril Lavigne: It's Not That 'Complicated'","url":"/GMA/video/avril-lavigne-complicated-20853386"}