Lavigne Throws 'One of the Most Extravagant' Weddings of 2013

Singer gets married before about 100 guests in a castle in the South of France.
2:41 | 07/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lavigne Throws 'One of the Most Extravagant' Weddings of 2013
The latest star staging a little wedding. Alive lavigne, tying the knot. She got hitched with nickelback front man chad kroeger. In the south of france. Abc's linsey davis is here to explain. Linsey? Reporter: Good morning, josh. There was a lot of confusion about just when the famous co was tying the knot. On saturday, guests were tweeting congratulations. And on sunday, avril was in a white guess that many mistook as her wedding gown. But what she wore on monday night surprise you. Looks like rocker avril lavigne listened to her own hit and went hard this weekend, with all of her friends in the south of france, where she got hitched to nickelback frontman chad kroeger. The couple fell in love with france. Avril loves french culture. She knew right away this is where she wanted to marry chad. Reporter: In front of a crowd of about 100 guests, in a romantic ceremony in this castle, the couple tied the knot monday night, capping off a three-day celebration. This is not low-key, by any means. Three days of drinking and dancing, partying, fireworks. This is probably one of the most extravagant celebrity weddings we'll see this year. Reporter: In avril fashion, she chose a black gown for the occasion. It turns out the canadian couple waited to get married on canada day. And they didn't let their destination wedding stray too far from the canadian roots. Even choosing red and white themed decorations. The couple started dating six months before kroeger popped the question last august. Sources tell us this was a very emotional event. Both were crying while reading their vows. The couple fell in love really quick. Definitely proves how much in love they really are. Reporter: This is the first wedding for the nickelback rocker. But it's lavigne's second walk down the aisle, after a previous three-year marriage to another musician ended in divorce in 2009. Together, lavigne and kroeger have sold 80 million albums worldwide. The evening included a wedding song they co-wrote and recorded. The plan, now, to make more beautiful music together. Sources say because the couple is already in europe for the wedding, they will probably stick around france and spend the honeymoon there, touring nearby countries. Congratulations. Thanks, linsey.

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{"id":19563979,"title":"Lavigne Throws 'One of the Most Extravagant' Weddings of 2013","duration":"2:41","description":"Singer gets married before about 100 guests in a castle in the South of France.","url":"/GMA/video/avril-lavigne-wedding-singer-throws-extravagant-weddings-2013-19563979","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}