Babies, Brides and Beaches: How These Celebs Spent Labor Day

ABC News' Mara Schiavocampo has the latest in the "Pop News" midday buzz.
2:25 | 09/02/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Babies, Brides and Beaches: How These Celebs Spent Labor Day
Afternoon -- -- of -- -- here at the top sports stories but I'll live right. That number of board if -- celebrities this Labor Day was brought to you by the letter -- at the -- -- bride and Egypt. Carrie Underwood big news about her birth bundle of joy in honor of Labor Day added that he pleaded -- feel -- gave -- lives. Let's bring the collapse are actually fit she tied the knot over the holiday weekend with a -- and an -- Parents of the other car and hunky boyfriend Joseph might develop low income more relaxed approach -- -- -- Egypt and Mexico. They Michelle -- the Mexico to Atlantic Ocean side on Labor Day. At number three -- getting major. You -- -- and has revealed a Lambert's new photo from her wedding album. The star posted this previously I think picture on social media. Ahead of the finale of reality show she and husband Kanye West look very in the love. As big gains out -- -- that there he bombs outfit. Had a couple -- appeared to be death as enamored with the picture. Photo we've seen more than 680000. -- on Ingraham. -- -- -- -- -- Finally got away with his black your loved the actor posted two videos in the -- of -- barber removing all traces of his -- Alter ego. And frankly it's of could be happier thousands of them posting on line that they were overjoyed. That they still -- walk the plank. Jackman has been -- the polarizing. And but with this movie had out -- -- Australians aren't returned to the clean shaven look. If any of his followers that fairy tale and they were hoping for. I'm coming up at number one it's officially about -- than. And he'll -- better than tailgating for your favorite team aren't he is adorable puppies tailgate for your favorite -- The dep analysts -- -- put together this video indicate he's fired up the grill. I -- -- the cooler to prep -- the ultimate -- domination. On the field this fall. -- -- intended -- DNA for more pop is tomorrow Bradenton has our civil conflict York. A great day.

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{"id":25219144,"title":"Babies, Brides and Beaches: How These Celebs Spent Labor Day","duration":"2:25","description":"ABC News' Mara Schiavocampo has the latest in the \"Pop News\" midday buzz.","url":"/GMA/video/babies-brides-beaches-celebs-spent-labor-day-25219144","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}