Baby With Down Syndrome Celebrated on 200-Foot Billboard

Pip is the face of the Happy Soul Project, a blog started by her mother, Tara McCallan.
3:06 | 06/04/14

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Transcript for Baby With Down Syndrome Celebrated on 200-Foot Billboard
At the corner of -- more this afternoon it's going to be a brand new billboard there and it'll say what makes you different is what makes you beautiful and it. We've got a new star. -- actually here on in the 88. They had at -- and mom -- high terror. So what made you want to put your daughter stepped up on a tuner for billboard. I just on the -- -- -- -- you want it the perfect thing about it. In her life in any Lindley. No matter what the differences way Down syndrome anyway diabetes and wanted to you know from for the celebrate the differences -- secret. This is great I'm excited to -- -- I am finished she's really didn't like -- and -- maniacs radio. And -- Since it went Down syndrome apparently that she had happened inside and courtesy and Fuller I think painful bite my -- and a few months ago she -- -- The man living that didn't -- any moment and made us appreciate life more patents -- first five months it's been hard hit areas for -- -- -- hospitals are going to be there at certain points. He's okay. Related sports such as few people there's a couple lives of fun and she -- that regulator and a half didn't. -- -- -- You're heading their best know I'm excited and I hope people you see value in any in Salt Lake City eighty. Hope they get to see what I -- in my daughter everything into the little beautiful happy -- Yes -- happens to have everything from that thinking. Different people believed to be celebrated you need to see beauty and weather diet even -- -- -- -- head Down syndrome and I -- you. Consumers who. Opportunity. Celebrating -- Making his third thing you know. Looking at people and people you don't look at them -- -- disability you look at heard is that considered your -- And yes she happens happens and then there at Kansas city's. And that's just from her for anything he knew he believes -- certain people --

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{"id":23989930,"title":"Baby With Down Syndrome Celebrated on 200-Foot Billboard ","duration":"3:06","description":"Pip is the face of the Happy Soul Project, a blog started by her mother, Tara McCallan.","url":"/GMA/video/baby-with-down-syndrome-celebrated-on-billboard-23989930","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}