'Bachelor' Chris Soules Joins 'Dancing With the Stars' Cast

"Prince Farming" will go from "The Bachelor" to the ballroom for season 20.
1:24 | 03/10/15

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Transcript for 'Bachelor' Chris Soules Joins 'Dancing With the Stars' Cast
Very Normal so how will you do that? What's your way of starting a Normal life together? Going to a movie. I know. In public. And -- Holding hands in public, yeah. That would be pretty cool. Yeah, you're loud. A great opportunity. All right, and something that may not be very Normal, we do want to share with everybody, something that you'll be emba embarking on because you have so much free time, Chris. Happy engagement, everybody. Chris has a very great announce. How will you spend a lot of your time in the coming days. Well, so instead of moving to Arlington we're going to be moving to L.A. For a couple weeks at least to be on "Dancing with the stars." Yay! Congratulations. We may have guessed that. America may have guessed that. The worst best secret ever. The worst kept secret, indeed but I think that everybody does want to know can you actually dance? I mean did you -- I can dance better than I can sing. We did. That's why I'm asking. Shopping cart. I pull -- there's a few moves I threw out. Are you going to pull out the shopping cart -- I hear Len loves that. Very possible. If he does it's coming out for sure. Listen, hey, guys, congratulations and thank you for flying and sharing all with us and, Chris, wishing you the best of luck. I'm going to need it. From the frying pan to the fire, Whitney, enjoy the farm. Thank you.

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{"duration":"1:24","description":"\"Prince Farming\" will go from \"The Bachelor\" to the ballroom for season 20.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"29524526","title":"'Bachelor' Chris Soules Joins 'Dancing With the Stars' Cast","url":"/GMA/video/bachelor-chris-soules-joins-dancing-stars-cast-29524526"}