New Bachelor speaks out after season premiere

Arie Luyendyk Jr. tells "GMA" what it was like to meet the 29 women competing for his love.
5:23 | 01/02/18

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Transcript for New Bachelor speaks out after season premiere
potential for six inches or more of snow. It's a new year. Who better to talk about love than the new batcher. Arie is here. First here's a look at the women racing to win him over in last night's exciting premiere. It was full throttle overnight as the new bachelor race car driver Arie luyendyk met all 29 women vying for his heart. You're not supposed to put a bumper sticker on a ferrari but why not an Arie. Reporter: Before the ladies could start their engines he turned to Sean and Katherine and their little son for advice. Always treat the girls with respect. Go, Arie. We're all rooting for you. Reporter: Then the introductions began. Arriving at bachelor mansion, a kissing bandit. I hear that you are the kissing bandit. A race car driver. And a whole lot of Laurens. I'm Lauren. Another Lauren. I'm Jenni. I will villains emerge. Which see something I want I go after it. Reporter: Now for Arie and the women -- This could be the start of something amazing. Reporter: The promise of love. You need to go back in the house. Reporter: Is sure to be the ride of their lives. I'm freaking out right now. I just can't stop crying. I am so scared. Let the games begin. Even Arie was glued to the TV for the premiere. Look at this photo that he posted. Check it out. Yeah, he loves it. Welcome the new bachelor. Arie luyendyk. You're not a nerd. I am. Nice to meet you. Great to meet you. I hear you were with us. In times square new year's eve. I braved the cold. It was so cold. You survived. I don't no he if you remember but back in Emily's season you were known as the kissing bandit. I was. Any kissing at midnight. No, I was all alone with some of our production team and it was a blast so -- The reason is because everything has to be so top secret. Yeah, we're done filming obviously and watching it back was so much fun. Was it? Yeah, I was sitting in my hotel room? What surprised you most. Seeing the other end. I'm having so many great conversations but obviously, you know, seeing the interviews the girls did and then obviously the jokes I didn't get because I was so nervous just kind of things like that. A woman put a bumper sticker on your -- I have a really small butt so -- What is it like dating 29 women at once? It was like -- it just didn't stop. It was overwhelming at first and I think that first night I was just so nervous and it was a long time since I've been on camera before so there was a lot of pressure. And it was just intense for sure. It was intense. It was really fun to watch and you see we had the kissing bandit. Yeah. You also had one would pulled up in a race car. Uh-huh. Did that work for you? Yeah, I mean, yes. I thought that was super cool. Did the hair thing. Wow, she really was going for it. She's beautiful. One had you get down on one knee and you got serenaded with an original song. It was hilarious. That's never happened before and for me, you know, Kendall is so cute so that was sweet. So doing those little things like the woman who gave you a rock. Yeah. Just we want to know do those things work going the extra mile. It makes that introduction really memorable. It makes that time, you know, stand out and there were certain things -- Also one girl from Arkansas I won't say. I know. I know. That was so funny. And it was so funny because those limo entrances are really creative and, you know, for me I'm standing up there, I'm like, okay, you can do this and then she threw that joke at me and it went right over my head and I was like, wow. You were nice enough, the folks from ABC were nice enough to bring us an exclusive clip from next week's episode so, everybody, enjoy. Take a look. I'm done. You're not done. It's the end of the night. Do you think I really want to talk to him like this? Do you think that's fair? No. Can somebody hug her. No, nobody Touch me. I'm not here to Around. I'm here to find out if I could have a future with this guy in when you see that -- Yeah. Are you surprised. I mean, yes. You know, because I didn't see the other side of things. You're going to be watching every week. She's from Miami. She's spicy and has that Latin flair to her. We have super Francis territories dying 20 know. Sophie and gabby, listen up. Okay. . Both: Hey, we're super fans. If knife years what do you think will be the greatest things you've learned from this experience. Oh, man, I think for me the greatest thing would obviously be happily married and to be starting a family. That's the goal obviously. The toughest thing would probably be just watching it back and having to watch that with someone. Yeah. You know. All right, we're all going to be watching. Hopefully we'll hear more from you. Okay. All right, everybody, new bachelor Monday at 8:00.

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{"id":52087374,"title":"New Bachelor speaks out after season premiere","duration":"5:23","description":"Arie Luyendyk Jr. tells \"GMA\" what it was like to meet the 29 women competing for his love.","url":"/GMA/video/bachelor-speaks-season-premiere-52087374","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}