A Look Back at the Year at 'GMA'

From the biggest news stories to the most viral moments, we reflect on 2014.
13:22 | 12/26/14

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Transcript for A Look Back at the Year at 'GMA'
Could have a 5 morning but we have a lot to get to first the breaking braking breaking news. I'm right here in Southern California so she's been holding this morning here in Abuja. Glendora where in Greenville, North Carolina Pensacola here in Gaza. Be the key to solving this experience finding any type of debris could see the plane in the darkness. Good night an image. 37. Ebola the golden bullet here in America this is the most deadly virus that we know from the Missouri. I can still so now that tear gas in the area the grand jury's decision. Not to indict police officer Darren wolf Citi Field once. Everyone the most when the lives lost explosive grand jury decision no indictment. For new York city police officer in the death of Eric garner. Had I. There's an issue that we've been dealing with the too long and it's time for us to make more progress than we night. Turned out of the war on Eizenstat shocking execution. Of the gains of F eighteen fighters taking off heading for Syria. Resident couldn't reach out to give us his first American brought this. Or are you concerned that terrorists might choose to strike in other parts. A Russian flight and made seventeen plane ripped out of this guy over Ukraine nearly 300 girls taken by armed man. Are you afraid. These may know that you have. Fever they wish. The nineteen doesn't mean you lose an addiction and DPP attack on Sony and. A threat to American moviegoers say US now expected to say North Korea. It's behind it often wonder what a North Korean citizen would think of the movie. Yeah some say America has lost its first cyber wars. And through here just hours ago it might. Hi airlines completely ripped to shreds. Like one degree. You think if you. Shooting up the fight tornadoes. Situation hour and seems pretty dire climate change is already affecting Americans all across the country. Outraged this morning he adds to Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling I believe she was product to believe those thing. Plus. Education. I'm three under siege I news. That I would you didn't cause his lawyers say he's being vilified but these allegations just keep coming down. Firestorm from being Ray Rice domestic violence case I'm really use the state. And I want to. Plus the story is the former Libyan convicted of culpable homicide Oscar Harry feeling this morning. Stewart cleared of charges that deadly accident this is. The toughest tragedies ever had to deal. Big night for Republican sweeping wins. Across the board they will win control of the senate. Immigration immigration those members of congress who question my authority to make our immigration system work better I have one answer. Pass a bill that speaker Boehner talking about suing. For executives' actions the citizens fun. The climate is different now for a woman running for president I think it's different for women across the board. Why isn't so important to you that we recognize. The ruling seeks this is the start of the room women's liberation. And I and I join. Don't act an act and don't add to that and I invite all of you come. That's in the Philip Seymour Hoffman brilliant actor or an. I've got hot. Each new ala holds new chances for a new beginnings. I'll see you on the set the beach at in the kitchen. And that the movies you can make us laugh do you make this feel good romp in the I do it's a good job like it's my day job you do but not Madonna looked not. It happens every young old about hundred. Can't report that mr. and you. Who needs are making it official. Family drama. Caught on camera. Brad and Angelina Jolie's writing what is a painful way. With us home. It's different for her and the thrill packed. It was half that unofficially won the Grammy songs in the court. Yeah. This is how George. We'll squeeze case. I didn't like yeah. Another. What I'll do everything I tell his candidacy as it moves into the other. They market territory by urinating that's what had a. We bring to bear why does little to. Why he got Italian Jerry Briscoe way back because she played his girlfriend shoot we. I'm getting an idea of what a regular date your house looks like tools. That god can. I look at it. Obama yeah. Think Monday as well right here it is still on alert twice. Three times. Hello again Lara. Did I say don't you. Movie theaters Hannity and they did come on. Nor do well you're relaxed gun. Ready Zack. This extreme wet T that I have. It back to work she. I should. It hasn't he. Yeah it's another via. Bjorn. A. You're independent check of the weather and fit into considerable. Also involved one dollar don't want. Leave action act to Walgreens. Streak is over. I have never been happier or healthier. That I am right now. Today marks my old rounded team known this is my final treatment the doctors say. I graduate today doesn't paint planes transported 145. Rescue. Survivors of doing an hour and yeah. And one man saving a stranger's life by donating. The stents that. Who flew. Wonders just touched hundreds of families like no other began. My children's story can never be held without. I never thought that people thought that ways and means we're gonna take care of us live. Was. You take Alexandra to be a lawfully wedded wife storage. You are being gotten into the NFL hall of fame back. I remember being in the gym much dances signs when data pale. And then I gotta say it paid over. Simon has been inducted into the. Broadcasting and cable hall of fame after thirty years on TV thank you very much I wrote feelings that thirty years I think. Yeah. Wake up America. Can get good morning when morning call. And why you mourning mourning in America good morning and free. It's a great shot in great exercise and started status and startling results in treating. Female desire. And so the other Good Morning America. Some of them had no idea where George's. You know I mean when might a dynamo did not working at a classified. These procedures broke a sudden. There are expensive CNA who knew even saying don't need. Do you think used paying enough I said look let's let today. Now I always does doing nothing. Thanks so much for joining us straight. Now Smith. We're gonna play that some again in Jordan that he's been saying they couldn't. I don't hold your breath at. Held eleven year old. PGA or.

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{"duration":"13:22","description":"From the biggest news stories to the most viral moments, we reflect on 2014.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27830310","title":"A Look Back at the Year at 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/back-year-gma-27830310"}