Bar bans patrons from using the word 'literally'

The New York City bar, Continental, says it will kick out patrons who use the word "literally."
7:22 | 01/26/18

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Transcript for Bar bans patrons from using the word 'literally'
You know we like to talk about topics trending on our newsfeed. I have a special one. Today is national fun at work day for everyone. And I love how everybody here is cheering because none of you are at work. But it's for those who are at work. You're supposed to enjoy yourself by doing something silly and fun when you're at work. Ary's at work and you're making it a lot of fun for us. I mean that. We get paid for this and we like to think every day is a fun day at "Gma" and not just in the studio but you should see our crew and staff back at the office. This is just a typical day. Yeah. Alex. Mike in the back. This is what we do at "Gma." Yes. Why wouldn't we? ??? Oh. Perpetual party around here. Leading the way. Perpetual party. Yes. But there's another story also that popped up on our newsfeed. The continental bar. Did you hear about this in new York. They're banning customers who use the word literally like literally. You cannot say it on the premises. They're not kidding. The owner -- ? Even if you use it correctly? No, even if you use it correctly. He said he is tired of hearing about it and if you say the word literally you will not be served. You will be asked to leave the premises. Wow! Make fun about it. Can I finish my drink? You have to take that up with him. Is there a phrase -- Whatever. I hate the word whatever. Oh, it depends who you hear it from. From a teenager, whatever. Yeah, that bothers me too, George. I don't know if I really have one. I'm just -- I'm sure when I hear it, it bothers me but I always laugh when people go, well, what happened was -- that makes me laugh. I don't know if there's one that is -- When I hear someone say everybody is talking about it. I did that earlier today. You did. I said everybody is talking about the photoshop and you were like, errr! You Haid it because it's literally not true. Ah! Yeah. My teacher would be proud of me. That was good. Let's go to hang out at that bar. We're going to that bar this weekend and literally hang out. And now, everybody, we got an exciting guest to bring to the table. He is one of baseball's greatest players of all time and he's a guest on "Shark tank." Please welcome ABC news contributor, Mr. Alex Rodriguez. Good to see you, man. How are you. How are you? Good morning, darling. Hey, Michael. My, my. Hello there. What's up? What a nice crowd. Yeah. Is this mine? All right. But -- This is yours. Get the drinks right. You hear all these cheers and talk about nice crowd. Everybody is cheering for you. You're a baseball superstar but I heard your girls at home are not impressed by you. Not at all. Not at all. They do like me on "Shark tank," though, and big singing and producing -- and like our friend. They love it. They're not so much into baseball but they are into music, singing, dancing. Which goes in line with your girlfriend J. Lo, Jennifer Lopez. You know -- All your girls. 13 and 9. Jennifer is gorgeous, she's a gorgeous person and, you know, our children, we love each other's children. They love us but the funniest thing when I come home from work each day, I see them at home. They're singing, they're dancing, they're trying to produce just like Jennifer. It's awesome. We saw that on Instagram. And she was helping them out. What a dream to get help from Jennifer. That's Ella. And that's after one of the shows in Vegas. Come on. ??? Sounds great. Sounds great. She's G a voice. How is your voice, by the way? Awful. I can't sing, Michael. I can't dance. And but if I have a few drinks, I try to dance. We all do that. As you said your girls are also a big fan of "Shark tank" and love it when you're on the show. Do they have a favorite shark. I think they like Lori. They like Robert and we all love Barbara, you know, but one thing about, robin, about "Shark tank," it's -- you know, the viewers at home get to get their mba every Sunday but what I want fans at home to know, I want them to know what equity means and ebitda means and difference between gross and net and for the parents at home watching for your kids take out a notepad and a pen, do the math with us and don't worry so much about the products, do the math. And then you can tell us if we have a good deal or not. It is really popular with kids. My kids love it, definitely. You guys all want to see some? Let's play it. I love to do business with people who have a ph.d. And I don't mean from Harvard or Yale. I mean poor, hungry and driven and both of you have that. So I love that. Thank you. I like that. I never heard that one before. You talk about taking out a pen and writing this down. You brought this to the forefront. You're in the car with your kids and play a game with them as well? That's right. That's right. They're sick of it. 13 and 9, Natasha hasn't laughed at one of my jokes in eight months. They were funny two years ago but I always like to give them a little bit of financial literacy. About investing or about the stock market or about real estate and I started with real estate with a small duplex and we've grown to a really nice large business but it is important early on to set the standard for your kids and I always tell them, shoot for the president, shoot for the CEO, don't shoot for number two. You can do it. Former athlete. This is something that is always at the forefront in your mind. Michael and I talk about this all the time with former athletes that kind of run into trouble. A lot of it is not preparing. I think, ahead of time and my mother, I come from humble beginnings. She had two jobs. She was a secretary in the morning, she served tables at night and she was just a great role model for me. So when I think about my girls, I really want to empower them and give then the confidence and self-esteem that they can do anything they want. That's beautiful. Fantastic. Well, you're doing it. You're doing it, man. And we love you on "Shark tank." Thank you. You're back on "Shark tank" and it airs Sunday at 9:00, 8:00 central right here on ABC. Mr. Alex Rodriguez, thank you so

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{"duration":"7:22","description":"The New York City bar, Continental, says it will kick out patrons who use the word \"literally.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52619102","title":"Bar bans patrons from using the word 'literally'","url":"/GMA/video/bar-bans-patrons-word-literally-52619102"}