Obama Behind the Scenes

Obama Behind the Scenes
3:00 | 11/06/12

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And the president was wrapping up his marathon campaigning, in the crucial state of iowa, where governor romney and president obama has spent so much time. It was a dramatic finish to his bid for re-election. And jake tapper joins us from chicago. You tell me the last couple days have been emotional ones for the president. Reporter: They have been emotional. I'm standing in the arena, where likely this evening, president obama will either declare victory or concede defeat. It's been emotional. President obama tearing up after seeing the former aides and advisers, joining him on the trail. One adviser comparing it to the lost episode of a tv series, when all of the characters join for that show. That's not to say they feel this is the end. They feel optimistic. They feel a little bit of wind at their back. The president and first lady arrived in chicago at around 1:00 this morning. Spending the night in their hyde park house. Their return to the windy city caps a whirlwind push on monday. It culminated in an emotional rally in front of 20,000 iowans, just a few yards away from his former campaign headquarters in 2007-2008. To all of you who lived and breathe the hard work of change, I want to thank you. Reporter: Less than an hour before, the president appeared at halftime on "monday night football." You don't go to any place where folks don't talk about some football. Reporter: It's the swing state swing started in wisconsin just before noon, with the boss, bruce springsteen. ♪ Let's vote for the man ♪ Reporter: Then, on to ohio. Around 1:30 or so, the president spoke with chris christie about hurricane sandy recovery. Then, he handed the phone over to bruce springsteen. Christie is a huge fan. It was great to talk to the president. And even better to talk to bruce. Reporter: At 3:40 in columbus, ohio, the boss began and was soon joined by jay-z. Then, the president was joined by the first lady for the final rally in des moines, iowa. I love you. Let's go vote. Reporter: And in addition, of course, to doing radio and tv interviews to get out the vote, president obama will play the traditional game of election day basketball. It'some something of a superstition for the president. Let's get more from matthew

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