Barbara Walters Remembers Joan Rivers

Barbara Walters discusses comedy legend's passing and greatest moments.
4:47 | 09/04/14

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Transcript for Barbara Walters Remembers Joan Rivers
Barbara Walters who was a good friends and long time acquaintance. Of Joan -- -- college week long we've worked together many times. She was on the view very often. But chili -- so fast enough to tell you because you've had that kind of insight tell me about what we didn't see on the camera. Well you know you -- here as being fashion. And sort of insulting. Especially on the fashion police which -- a whole new audience. Of young people. More than anything in the world. Joan lives to perform. The on the other thing that meant as much to her post -- said doctor Melissa think people on the Rome Joan with the fund. And I think. If she could've known he response now worldwide. She would perhaps -- Do you think in the years that you have known her and worked so closely with her have you ever seen of vulnerability. -- yes you know and her private life and should she love Melissa. Who is the same ages as my daughter so I -- -- to death she loved her grandson. She had a different content marriage. How her husband committed suicide. You know this was not just 11. Big lots. But more than anything else she loved to work she did a documentary a few years ago that she thought was wonderful I thought -- -- Showing her an all -- you know different circumstances performing anywhere everywhere in a basement and a roof anything from an audience and that was. The true. Job she loved to perform she loved to make people. She I remember seeing that a piece of work that documentary and she had that scheduling book. On her desk herself. Canceling -- events the worst day for her and her calendar was if it was an M today and she wasn't making appearances. I have to ask you your career -- her career they're very parallel nothing really not know that. And I don't listen and to -- -- and detained Joan had -- and John had jokes. I was in the news department -- Might might. An unscripted at this we apt parallel. And that we were friends but not my career have you seen -- when that could come anywhere near. The level that Joan Rivers. Yeah I mean that I young wore a wonderful female comedians what was interesting is that when Joan was performing in in the early years. The warming no female comedians and if -- doctor. Being a comedian and -- female you shouldn't be good look at. Where is John wanted very much to be good looking and we don't know about the face -- them. You know the -- comes. I'm -- But she -- -- first and she was always eviction. And she was very candid with you often times on the view and in many of your specials about having. -- a degree of cosmetic surgery because she talked about it. And she talked about it and she jumped about what her grandson. Woods would say when she came in the room and didn't recognize -- I'm machine made it a a pot of her act instead of instead of -- denying it. And I think that there are people who might have thought that what she -- From -- having. Face -- and and that anesthesia but that was not an at all my understanding was it has to do with her vocal -- which it. We're getting very -- and that's where operation -- But again. If anything could -- please turn it would be -- knowledge. That this is world wide attention and all ages I mean the fashion police made Joan. A delight. To young people an audience that she didn't -- people my age of us remember how wonderful. And funny and outspoken and self deprecating. Her private life well let's not. Let's not happy that the bad marriage that was not a man alive. It was her daughter and her gunshot. The less I wanted to ask you is there a special moment -- a special. Events time that you shared with Joan that you like to go -- -- what we used to have dinner together and that we had another friend of my clients doing with me and that's what would have been to deny it to death. And she loved going to the theater we -- Angela. I can't I'm not Condit and that I can -- say that I would leave the table. Feeling very good -- very happy. Barbara Walters thank you -- mention.

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{"duration":"4:47","description":"Barbara Walters discusses comedy legend's passing and greatest moments.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25252963","title":"Barbara Walters Remembers Joan Rivers","url":"/GMA/video/barbara-walters-remembers-joan-rivers-25252963"}