Barbra Streisand Talks New 'Partners' Album, Being 'Mad' for Beyonce

The legendary singer talks to Robin Roberts about the inspiration behind her new duets album and the downside of fame.
6:16 | 09/16/14

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Transcript for Barbra Streisand Talks New 'Partners' Album, Being 'Mad' for Beyonce
Now to our interview with Barbra streisand. She is an incredible talent, as you know. And now joining her singular voice with a stellar lineup of male powerhouses from Stevie wonder to Blake Shelton, even Elvis Presley for an album of soaring superstar duets. It's called "Partners" ? it had to be you ? that voice, iconic, unmistakable. It has to be streisand. ? I wandered around ? after 50 years in the business, if anyone thought she was slowing down, better think again. I'm telling you the truth. Reporter: The legendary singer has a number one album in each of the last five decades. Now looking to extend that. Five decades, that's good. Six is a good even number. Reporter: Her newest album, partners, has her mixing it up with some of the biggest names in the music world. ? Someday ? ? somewhere ? how do you pick the song with the vocalist? It's like casting a movie. Reporter: If we were to do a duet. You and I? Yes. Can you sing? No. Can you carry a tune? What would it be? "Happy days are here again." ? Happy days are here again ? Go to the camera and do it. Reporter: And this is the hottest men in the business, John legend, Stevie wonder, Billy Joel, Michael Buble, and Blake Shelton. You said like churned butter with Blake Shelton. Country butter. I love that country drawl. Reporter: The most surprising duet is with none other than the king. Elvis Presley, that's going to catch a few people off guard that you did that. I met Elvis in 1969. It was quite an experience. He had two body guards with him. And I remember him going, meant out. And now I was left alone with him. And so I started to Polish my nails because I just couldn't look up. Isn't that funny? When I think of it. Reporter: But the most meaningful and emotional duet has to be this one with her son Jason gold. ? How deep is the ocean ? My pride and joy. Reporter: Wow. What was that experience like? I once heard him hum when he was 15, through a door that he had closed. Jason, is that you? That humming, that's the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. Mom, mom, you know go away, go away -- Reporter: Teenagers. 15. When he said to me a few years ago I think I'd like to sing it was like a shock. ? How much do I love you. Reporter: The other man in her life is, of course, husband James brolin. Their marriage going on 16 years despite perpetual tabloid rumors claiming they are on the brink of divorce. My husband and I were in the supermarket the other day, holding hands and a guy behind us said, oh, you're back together. And we went, well -- my husband knew about this, he didn't tell me. He says -- I said, when were we apart to this guy? He says, oh -- something or other. Jim, what are they talking about? Well, you know, the rags print this stuff. It's like, why do they have to make up stories? I don't get it. Reporter: That's the downside of life in the spotlight. The upside? Getting to shine that light on causes like women's heart health which recently took her to capitol hill. What feels great is not having my name in lights as a child, my name in lights as an actress, so great. Now it's having my name on a building that says the Barbra streisand women's heart there. That is like, whoa. I've arrived. ? Reporter: With women's issues so close to her heart, we couldn't help but wonder, why an album of all men? Beyonce tried to do something I would love to sing with her. I'm mad for her. I think she's spectacular. I would love to sing with Rihanna, Adele. But I don't know the other girls. Reporter: What's it like on the radio? I never play the records after I make them. I start getting critical. When did I do that? That's not that good. That could be better. Reporter: Is there one song of yours you do hear and go? Songs I hear and go, she wasn't bad. She wasn't bad. ? She wasn't bad. Not bad at all. I know. Understatement. Wow. And so "Partners" is available today. Could be a sixth decade with a number one album. Next, talking about an auto biography, wants to direct, not star in a new movie. And the screen version of gyp see, in it's meant to be, it will be. And she would love for lady gaga to play gypsy. And the music, especially Sunday morning, put it in, and you're there. And being in her presence. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love that with her son as well. Very proud of him. I'm going to contribute her getting to number one. I'm downloading that today. I'm right with you. Now a final check of the

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{"duration":"6:16","description":"The legendary singer talks to Robin Roberts about the inspiration behind her new duets album and the downside of fame.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25533308","title":"Barbra Streisand Talks New 'Partners' Album, Being 'Mad' for Beyonce","url":"/GMA/video/barbra-streisand-talks-partners-album-mad-beyonce-25533308"}