Barry's Bootcamp CEO demos 4 moves anyone can do at home to get in shape

Joey Gonzalez discusses how interval training can help you lose weight, and shares four workout moves anyone can do from home.
4:51 | 01/24/18

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Transcript for Barry's Bootcamp CEO demos 4 moves anyone can do at home to get in shape
Giving us a preview. Cc1 Test message Welcome back, y'all. It is workout Wednesday. The top new year's resolutions are, no surprise, to eat better and exercise more. That is why "Gma" is partnering with our sponsor splenda for a simply better you series and this morning we've got the CEO of Barry's boot camp, Joey Gonzalez here with us with some of the best moves. Barry's 20th anniversary. Congratulations on that. If you haven't checked it out it is one of the hardest workouts I know I've ever done. Why do people struggle every time they make this resolution. I think the first thing to remember is it's a marathon, not a sprint, right. You don't want to just be fit for January. You want to do it all throughout the year. My tips are always to find something that you enjoy doing and do it with somebody you really like, right, so there's accountability. Companionship. That's why a thing like Barry's is so special because you have the support of the community around you. Yes, and you can't help but push yourself. Speaking of pushing I know you guys do interval training and what we're seeing. What makes Barry's so great we do both cardiovascular and strength training and what I'm going to ask these treadmill people to do because I can't keep cueing them is they'll do like a 30-second jog, 30-second run and 0-second sprint and keep repeating that. They'll avoid steady state when you start to burn muscle and focus on burning fat on the treadmill. Do that for yourself. And then you start -- then once you do it from the treadmill you go to the mat. These are all Barry's struckers, by the way. Everyone will jump up on the bench and start off with a simple arm exercise but never too simple at Barry's. These are called around the world so you'll come up narrow grip and go out wide and lower slowly. Always slowly on that. Thanks, guys. That works all the different areas of the bicep, inner, outer. I'm very good at it without any weight. This is what I'm finding then something we can do down on the mat, right? They'll lie down and we'll do another combination move, chest press with abdominals and so this is a jack knife. It's always great in terms of keeping the calorie burn up nice and high to work multiple body parts at the same time so here they're working every single abdominal. They're also crunching up to the top. It looks -- And their chest too. Literally everything. My ab dom namms have been suffering a little lately. I just got this thing here. You look amazing. Something I can do too. It's all level, right? So there's -- We modify for everybody so, for example, I could have Joe just bend his knees if he had a bad lower back and still getting the same work and can take it down a notch and have him do the chest press without the combination. So now I think that there's one I get to do? Yes. We'll go down to the floor and we'll do a plank position. All right. You guys are going to put your weight and join me on the floor, plank. I was going to say I'm good at this until I have to lower and something gets in the way. At Barry's, you'll alternate shoulder taps so one arm at a time holding your body weight and love it for abs. Not only are you working abdominals but chest and shoulder, a lot of secondary muscle groups. Nice. Now we want to get the audience involved so you at home can do this with us too. One more move for everybody. I want the audience to stand up. Everybody at home stand up. If there is a chair or couch behind you, perfect. You'll need it just in case and what we'll do is sit down for three seconds innage imaginary chair and then we'll jump, two then we'll jump, one, jump and then you go right back to the squat. Three, two, one. Jump so we're combining an isometric hold and if you have to modify two, one, you stand and go right back down and this combines the strength training, right? This hold down here with raising that heart rate at the top. Do you guys all feel good? A way to get started. No matter what your new year's resolution is, thanks to our sponsor splenda. Last chance to win the $5,000 by the way to help achieve your resolution so go to stakes and splenda is giving everybody a fitbit to take home today.

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{"duration":"4:51","description":"Joey Gonzalez discusses how interval training can help you lose weight, and shares four workout moves anyone can do from home. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52568390","title":"Barry's Bootcamp CEO demos 4 moves anyone can do at home to get in shape ","url":"/GMA/video/barrys-bootcamp-ceo-demos-moves-home-shape-52568390"}