Batkid, Miles Scott, Saves the Day on 'GMA'

The young hero and his family talk about their amazing adventure in San Francisco.
3:00 | 11/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Batkid, Miles Scott, Saves the Day on 'GMA'
We have some problems to solve, people. One person can do it. Thrilled to have miles scott here for an exclusive morning television adventure. We all came to know miles as the bat batkid. Earlier this month, thousands of people in san francisco came together as one and made his wish to be batman for a day come completely true. Now, we mentioned that joker an penguin are here on the loose in times square. Hopefully, the batkid can get it worked out for us. First, here's his story. ♪ he is the dark knight. Lighting up so many lives. 5-year-old miles scott captured the heart of the nation earlier this month after transforming into batkid and helping save the city of san francisco, or, i guess we could say, gotham. Help, help! Reporter: His dream come true, made possible by the make-a-wish foundation and 13,000 volunteers. After three years, he's defeated his worst nemesis yet, leukemia. It's my pleasure to present to you, the key to gotham city by the bay. Way to go, miles. Way to save gotham. Reporter: And the actual men behind the mask. Michael keaton. Christian bale, and ben affleck. Batkid, best batman ever. Back in his real bat cave of tulelake, california, he lets his brother play robin. When we put superleast on, he would get the extra puff in his chest. He felt like he was invincible. It's been a way for him to fight through all that he's been through. Reporter: Now, miles, about to embark on yet another epic adventure. Do you like the airplane? Reporter: Like the superhero he is, they flew all the way to new york city where he waits in the wings for his latest mission. And look at who we have here. The batkid, miles scott. His fella and friend, batman, and his parents, nick and gnatty. Miles, you're here in the bat cave. How did we do this morning. Okay. Does it look good? Yeah. Do you feel ready to save pitbull and all of us? Yeah. What do you like about batman? What is your favor thing about batman? When he scratches with these. And he beats the bad guys. Uh huh. I heard you took your first plane ride to get here. That's my second ride. Second ride? Was it great? What was the best pat of being on the plane? Did you get good treats? Yeah. Oh , good. I'm so glad. Mom and dad, want to ask you. You have seen the outpouring. President obama's message to miles. It's got to be fantastic. One more from our mayor, mayor bloomberg. Hey, batkid. Great to welcome another brave crime fighter to the real gotham. New york city. Thank you so much, mayor michael bloomberg. I have to ask you. What has this response been like to your son, to your family? It's been amazing. I mean -- we never expected anything like this on a level like this. Oh, wow. Looks like batkid is warming up and really feeling ready. The make-a-wish foundation helped make this thing happen. They come in and help kids who have been battling. How has it helped miles. The good thing about miles is that he finished his chemotherapy. He's in remission. This has been like the afterparty for him. Chemo is all he's ever known. He was diagnosed at 18 months. It's a new life. We want to tell you how you can help. Help make a wish. You can help them grant for wishes to kids like miles. It's the believe campaign. For every stamp letter you bring, again, to macy's, head for santa and the north pole, macy's will donate one dar to make a wish. Miles scott, hang on, hang on, batkid. Hang on. What? Uh-oh. Breaking news. We have a star in trouble. Oh. Batkid we have a star in trouble. Pit bull has been taken by the joker and the penguin. Wait, what's happening. Take a look. We need you. We feed you, batkid, go! All right. Batkid, batkid, can you help him? Can you save the day? Go, let's go, let's go! Good luck, batkid! Sam, we have serious issues here. Serious issues. And so grateful that batkid is here to save the day. Same bat time. Same bat channel. We'll have the results of the batkid saving pitbull series in just a moment.

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{"id":21002435,"title":"Batkid, Miles Scott, Saves the Day on 'GMA'","duration":"3:00","description":"The young hero and his family talk about their amazing adventure in San Francisco.","url":"/GMA/video/batkid-miles-scott-saves-day-gma-21002435","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}