Batkid Saves San Francisco-Turned-Gotham City

Five-year-old leukemia patient Miles Scott foils a robbery and rescues a damsel in distress.
13:29 | 11/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Batkid Saves San Francisco-Turned-Gotham City
I'm -- company are witness ABC news digital special report San Francisco. Has turned into Gotham city. Here is the paper's headlines today. Seen it all back kid saves this city and back Kidd -- you just saw there on the left. He is actually five year old caped crusader miles guy battling leukemia. And today he's putting the fight aside. Because he is fulfilling his wish he -- saving the city an art ABC's and he -- is on the phone. Following the caped crusader throughout his badgers today -- DD what is going on. The -- -- year but -- -- and Barry thank -- actually get this delicate journey and he added. Tell you can only. -- -- and they added. I'm pretty happy -- -- I. -- and being a rock by -- and I sat -- I I and number. Eight. I'm strapped at a rally where I am -- -- -- I can't -- -- back at him. And -- asked why. We're in the air as well -- -- -- -- all accurate. An area. Do you edit that edit here there are literally out. Eric I'm Eric I Eric -- Audi -- Eric. Andy yeah -- broke out on the war era whip Eric own camera. I meant it is sort -- -- This is. Absolutely. Amazing mrs. -- -- out that San Francisco has seen that -- the matter at the make A wish foundation is bringing this entire wish. Comes alive and we're watching it play out live there. Anti union you kids imagine the volume of of tweets of social -- your responses -- -- I don't know Larry is right there. It is if this doesn't restore your faith in humanity I don't know what will because this this is the best story that we have seen all day today so what is next. -- -- -- -- Can make it eat it up -- -- the -- and he mentioned it yet. Let me get it out -- -- Having it out on the air what would -- -- party out out here. At. Well nothing what you just what what was not what was next because I -- he's got a jam packed days David dams on this. What else does he have in store. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here at the GI. RBI. -- -- -- or apple. A -- more -- later on the Internet every. -- -- Eat and eat. -- but -- got a pretty easily -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is amazing a good season -- tweets at the bottom there it is everyday people celebrities. From Natalie San Francisco or United States really around the world everyone's -- paid attention to -- it. And -- really beyond that tactic eared -- I -- you like. Her around the -- and and -- and all people who are on. I'm. -- it bought it. On point unit on the I -- -- erratic -- -- Eric. You know come out. Tactic not an. -- On. And and really I think -- yen and nearly. -- -- It it is fine and it is the perfect story for Friday it's the perfect -- really for any day of the week. He is he's. Five he's five years old and he is crime fighting. San Francisco being turned into Gotham city today and I -- ignored in the -- field with kgo TVs who is also following. This scene of this super -- breaking news Amy. Sure it's exciting we watch the regular get arrested so our city has been. It protected by actually I'm so proud that aren't you around. Around that that -- -- excellent -- -- -- friend get straight spring city block on -- McCain. Not many people standing around. Tulane insincere and -- you. Tears when they aren't little nasty man -- in there. -- sent to terminate its -- incidents together and meet your friends weren't next week. A lot of money received obviously the support their tell me a little bit about this very special five year old. Aren't playing ninety -- aids really little and disease week. Have we here today that he might -- He's battling. Feeling that can only. Ground -- -- and he never -- to all of next to -- he -- but the good news and I am frequently seen. They think now and -- it's. -- -- Healthy I don't -- I'm sorry. That. Is ready to save the planet. They did has faced more obstacles I think that -- It's not. What happened -- again that courage the determination at five years old. Logistically and this is so this is really something valid permit -- which -- they pull off some amazing feats but this. I think they really topped themselves. Tell you that -- the other mothers and the crowd we weren't Littleton earned it. That even -- she thinks. Well -- adults couldn't handle this much attention and pressure really got out of that the only kind of held -- breath a little then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At the scene of the -- and not only the reaction of the hasn't been -- getting all of -- in the city. In the world he says they key to getting calls as far away as Australia and has peak of the city here and there it is again. That's not. -- but when you have the kind of courage and strength in person now you have five year old you obviously -- that kind of effort out there. Amy so what it where it's what's next what it was that -- going to be up to now this. I'm hearing is going to get -- -- that now we. Created an event tonight on his -- Reject any and every few minutes -- -- debate and it and it's a video come down on his. Released -- innocent he's been saying sorry character lines and I can't. We need your help -- only to learn differences between its -- -- -- -- -- -- If you can look down the wind -- America -- -- union square and mentality. When the woman apparently thousands of people -- where yelling for his -- -- now. Now sending it happened jump into -- -- feeling good AT&T park. Chase that if you win anything in the field tonight it's free. I. The best -- right there this is Scott and this is obviously gotten so much attention as -- point out any novelist from around the world but the president Barack Obama. Had sent a -- over in support. -- -- -- Yeah exactly. I mean listen when you guys do something -- do it right in San Francisco. Wilmington -- he -- everything at him as thrilling thing in part on it. -- Hearings into the -- has pulled out all the top people are really it. Mean let's not tell a lie about wanting everything in -- -- That kid and -- here around. He is -- and it was -- -- -- running and running out he's not afraid and in the crowds and cameras following him around. He's a rock star that kid is a rock star back back it is clearly upstaging Batman today and rightfully so. Someone ask -- by the same because. -- that he met with some of the -- at some of the friends those. He just finished up his last round of chemotherapy in June right. That's right and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I'll let them eat great and -- are no problem. In the sixties they're watching -- -- ingredients. That's the one who's never around when are you feeling. I don't know anything and he had my little brother -- Less -- that. Robin. And you. Incontinent particularly Robin I don't know in the -- and the hair and that they look at parent. Maybe it ahead miles on down the rabbit -- about that -- -- -- street. How long did it take to organize something like this -- this is not easy to bring a major city like this. All in a coordinated effort. I think I've been waiting and our possibly -- here and I'm not here on -- -- 99 cent while an -- on the morning pain but never dreamed it would look. I think it went to the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anything for children. -- about -- -- -- A lot of -- and that family. Everybody has wanted to do an album -- and it's not like these leases on important let's do all of this hearing -- -- plant workers and you raise your hand at the quantity then coming -- I haven't seen -- on the -- -- -- national Gotham city on the world today I have some of the articles are written by Mike -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'd get something 87 -- Cast and Atlanta -- acres and made the announcement on the news. That pack up and he was in trouble and needed help. Accidentally backed the -- my house. -- -- -- They can make bush popular apps living -- -- deserve a lot of credit for that and I think also the people San Francisco really to coming together and making this commitment through. It says a lot about the city in fact I was to I was reading some -- they were so many volunteers -- an offer to help. Either but donations are with their own services that they actually had to turn some people away there was so much support. That doesn't surprise me I've seen -- -- today which is approximately 200 C -- -- EP. People from there are things we're sending volunteers and meet the holding area has gotten into the accident sent them friendly event. Like so many people that the little white girl needs -- help them get around our city them but I'm not quite enough. Amy holly -- from all our Gotham city to -- Gotham city we thank you so much for bringing this wonderful story Florence today. -- and of course you can follow back Kidd his adventure is his crime fighting ways. Right here on For -- I'm Dan -- -- New York this ABC -- digital special report.

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{"duration":"13:29","description":"Five-year-old leukemia patient Miles Scott foils a robbery and rescues a damsel in distress.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20904112","title":"Batkid Saves San Francisco-Turned-Gotham City","url":"/GMA/video/batkid-saves-san-francisco-turned-gotham-city-20904112"}