Beach Volleyball Star Kerri Walsh Jennings Stops by on GMA Live!

The Olympic gold medalist reveals how honey has helped her career.
6:28 | 05/28/14

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Transcript for Beach Volleyball Star Kerri Walsh Jennings Stops by on GMA Live!
Not only yesterday at the lucky day here we have another special guest and she is an Olympic champion three times over. -- of three. Just north of -- to work out west are one of the greatest beach volleyball player them all time please welcome -- while Jennings. And there is nothing -- And mom of three and you -- -- your youngest in the last a -- I won't that was very early on it pregnancy despite weeks that hormone problem and he. But -- is such a beautiful thing. And what about 2016 literally ounces. Look Forward Air do you plan -- get -- all of that Dexter avenue partner -- former partner misty -- -- retired. Having a baby any day all the administrators. Think you yes he's in Paris for her and then and -- get April and I are working hard receiving from home. And are touring the ATP tour starts this weekend CP -- -- show up you know that the journey to -- has begun. That is so that I didn't really get an. Sadly -- Ecstasy they always seem to just so quickly uninsured group you look even worse though pressure -- every two years because we -- that she feels like it's just -- blogs -- but I'm summer -- I'm so excited since she got me so inspired. He and products leniency -- killings represent. -- this mean -- -- is the third and fifth. There Carlisle yes I have to qualify have a lot of work to deal. -- -- I was I plan on being that I think -- He had been a beautiful life and -- so far from done and I want to win gold in Rio. For my daughter momentum going you know -- from has been just grabbing one of the plates come with you according to help from nineteen yeah you know -- -- there's such a big part of my training and just -- inspiration obviously in the macabre mommy's. -- they need to be paying -- them. Speaking to -- trading you mentioned the entry -- we're beginning to work which -- -- -- and I did. It doesn't hurt him whenever I guess they I don't I. Yeah which is I mean you look at. Fantastic yeah it really bikini sound -- here this week that may want to get in shape for summer do you have any tips. -- just you know getting into your -- -- -- -- next whatever that is means for you -- why. Think he got it you know attacked -- -- -- -- certainly have to eat healthy. And then get active you know god davis' body got there and he's -- don't be too hard -- yourself I think ever wants -- be great fit. In a heartbeat and that's a process as a journey I've come back -- Davies Alan I remind myself that this is not a sprint. You know so stay with -- I think consistency is the most important thing he get a nice treat him when you -- when -- ten. I am tired -- -- that's why can't help yeah. You can't tone it handed -- a lot of -- -- He's Smart about it -- space that is right right exactly his -- -- -- straightened -- These days and you're here to talk about isn't an unexpected for you to yeah and we have a laid -- you can block it out please. So I hear. Adam with the national honey board. And this is a beautiful display they put together you know after the London Olympics -- sports psychologist said -- if you're ever during. He said if you're ever feeling like you need a little energy to. If you need a little boost just pop some honey. And I do this before Cheney I -- -- -- -- I did in London EC means little honey bear. I drinking -- it's such a quick way to get quick energy he has -- get it as early morning and try. -- mean everything you didn't get to -- food coffee everything I mean these. I haven't had for ever since the kid with these non -- is -- season around that we spent yeah and they need ST does down and I bring -- -- Barrett's literally in my competition back in. And I'm a mom of three likely sad and my kids love honey and it's just a natural way to get a little bits and let me ask you sitters -- the those -- While it -- So good for you there's so many amazing property activist and yet so we have kind of -- -- this isn't good you're listening to mask yeah you have to music to. A live bomb here you know prevents -- -- certainly this is an oatmeal honey face masks that's. So you just had the hanging in at some -- make it nice and pasty hesitant to answer any other beautiful -- like this the final product Alex Jackson on me but -- your best and nobody else I'll watch the family Encino man and -- -- exfoliate. Tiny and naturally attracted to me and he retains moisture so there's so many moisturizing qualities -- -- any. And here we I want my youthful -- to -- that behind -- -- the very you know ten to wait a minute that hasn't hit -- -- -- -- -- yeah. So invigorated. Yes I this is something I used a little money make at home mask is perfect -- -- so I again I'm a mom of three we use tiny as a national cost of crescent. This is something they put together and I just use -- teaspoons of -- But they put this together with water ginger lemon and honey you're kidding me yes absolutely and this is -- them after saying nothing better than that -- Stray -- -- -- -- wanted to know how my excuse you're talking about -- yeah. Well I think this guy hey daddy yes he had you know didn't think -- his mom and you -- -- you know -- is so sad in the recent past the coffin. You know -- your throat -- they're gonna sleep better so it's just it's you know wonderful. And then and I'm a terrible cook however how he makes me that he might agree cut sometimes this is -- literally make favorite dessert it's plain Greek yogurt. Sliced almonds and mango and raw honey on top -- -- exit and it's healthy young nineteen and named a readiness but -- wherever -- whenever. Stuff floats your boat and then this is on the chicken and -- them with honey mustard dipping -- absolutely. It's. Hello my eyes and got it right then yeah has had a column about your good for the next very evident in your home apparently an engine as an -- and leave it at this point in the morning him like four hours every time to understand you like me I have a one year old and she wouldn't send yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I'm I'm really proud of my sponsor of a partnership with the national hanging -- -- I want -- I want to promote. He has such -- natural alternatives yet telling Kenneth -- on behalf I think it's figuring out to unleash -- such a great role -- mom and -- -- we learn how you you know I also like because gold. Yeah. Angola and he loves to be surrounded that you.

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{"id":23895484,"title":"Beach Volleyball Star Kerri Walsh Jennings Stops by on GMA Live!","duration":"6:28","description":"The Olympic gold medalist reveals how honey has helped her career.","url":"/GMA/video/beach-volleyball-star-kerri-walsh-jennings-stops-gma-23895484","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}