Beauty 911: 30 Seconds to a Flawless Face

Jamie Kern Lima, the co-founder and CEO of IT Cosmetics, is live in Times Square to show two dramatic makeup makeovers!
6:04 | 04/13/16

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Transcript for Beauty 911: 30 Seconds to a Flawless Face
you, time now for our beauty 911 series and this morning, it's all about getting a flawless face. Jamie concekern Lima and a team of experts helping with her cutting-edge it cosmetics joining us in a moment but first juju Chang has her story. I'm wearing one life-changing product. Unlike anything you've ever seen before. Reporter: She's the former beauty queen who is now giving the cosmetics world a fresh face-lift. In what way did your search for the miracle makeup work for you? I have re red tri rosacea and hyper pigmentation and no cure for it and every product wouldn't cover or they're so thick, they crease and crack and make you look older. There has to be a better way. Welcome to it cosmetics. Reporter: Her days as a news anchor which led Jamie kern Lima to team up with plastic surgeons and dermatologists to create her ant anti-aging it cosmetics. Cc cream which is a number one best-seller. Reporter: Her humble beginnings in a studio apartment and just a few years ago, the big break. A ten-minute spot on QVC but what really raised eyebrows. We're all real gals. Reporter: When she rubbed off her on on live TV. You can see. We have an authentic mission to create products that really work. Reporter: Even a-listers making a mad dash for her top sellers for the flawless fix for every faux pas. Every woman deserves to feel her most beautiful. Reporter: For "Good morning America," juju Chang, ABC news, New York. We thank juju and excited to have Jamie with us this morning. I can't believe I'm seeing you again. I had the pleasure. I though. Ran into you on -- we were on a flight from Chicago. Something like that. Yes, we were. I told you at that moment even though you were well on your way there was something very special about you. Yeah, literally that moment like I want to tell you it changed my life. I know that you know we had just met. I think this will inspire viewers. We just met and talking and all of a sudden I remember you paused and looked at me and said there's something really special about you and I got butterflies and chills and I just want you to know like since that moment there's been so many times, you know, I've been working 24/7 or building my company and thought back on your words. They've inspired me and I know it's beauty week and want to say on "Gma," thank you, because you're one of the most beautiful inspiring women I've ever met and millions of viewers will agree and -- You have done it and you -- thank you for those kind words. We saw that oat to. You told our producer that you weren't wearing makeup. No. Makeup-free even though you're in the makeup biz but being makeup-free. I have the re red tri rosacea. I used to be scared to show it to anybody and really that's why I launched -- started it cosmetics to develop products that give you full coverage but you can't see them. Products that will cover anything that are all about your most beautiful you and every woman is beautiful, right and deserves to look and feel her most beautiful and partners with plastic surgeons and dermatologists and a special company and I teal so blessed to be here. We have a couple it girls. She's working on issues. This is what's great. You can do it yourself, Desiree. You don't have a makeup artist so as you're applying tell us what she'll do. She has like so many of us, right under eye dark this is and acne prone skin, redness. So for her, you know her whole life nothing would cover but when you find great products like they just do the work for you. She'll show us in 30 seconds. Get to it. 30 seconds how easy that it can be. Even if you have something to cover, so step one is really a great moisturizer and using confidence in a cream but occupy hydrating and really sort of set your skin for makeup. Know what I love. They don't crease. A lot of times -- Right, so many concealers crease, crack so Desiree is using the bye-bye under icon sealer. When you find a concealer that goes on like an eye cream like an anti-aging eye cream, never creases or cracks, it's life changing. She's doing it herself. I want to keep going. You do your thing. Come back to you. Great. Want to show how you do it. Sheila over here. Yes. Tell us issues with Sheila. Okay, so Sheila is going to show us -- We're dancing. So fun. So Sheila will show us three steps if you have 30 seconds to look your most beautiful you five years younger starting with brows. She's going to show us brows because they're your frame and lashes tart at the root and when you get a mascara that starts at the root and perfect pink lip brightens your whole collection. Three issues and you think you can highlight those three things that makes a difference. Yeah. I mean your brows, a lot of women forget to do them but that's the feature that gives you symmetry and it gives you the frame of symmetry and that EE ways to beauty in the human eye. So she'll show us the three things. Even if you do one thing and your brows, it's huge. It's everything. What are the main issues? Eight years that you've done this. What are the main issues they come and say they have a problem were. One of the number -- the number one issue, okay, I have something to cover but I hate makeup. I don't want to see makeup. I don't want to feel it. Just see beautiful skin which is what Desiree just did. Ding, ding. Is that her 30-second mark. You see live she just did this right here live in the studio and look at the difference. Her under eye circles look like they disappeared. She has flawless skin and used three steps. The bye-bye under icon sealer, cc cream. Less than 30 seconds here. Sheila was able to do. Want to show the split screen and, again, it was like no makeup artist here, though I'm grateful for the one I have every morning. Thank you. But we can do it ourselves. Yes, we can. Thank you, thank you. So philanthropicic with what you're doing and so giving. You can see more of your interview with juju with Jamie on "Nightline" tomorrow night. So much more.

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{"duration":"6:04","description":"Jamie Kern Lima, the co-founder and CEO of IT Cosmetics, is live in Times Square to show two dramatic makeup makeovers!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38351615","title":"Beauty 911: 30 Seconds to a Flawless Face ","url":"/GMA/video/beauty-911-30-seconds-flawless-face-38351615"}