Ben Affleck on Going From Batman to 'The Accountant'

The actor visits "GMA" to dish on "The Accountant," the new crime thriller in which he plays a small-town CPA who works for criminals.
6:24 | 10/06/16

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Transcript for Ben Affleck on Going From Batman to 'The Accountant'
your trading in your superhero cape for a calculator in the new thriller, "The accountant." You're playing a mad genius with a killer instinct. Take a look. What is just temporarily we put this year's taxes on our credit card. Do you like it? I made it myself. No, not particularly, but, you ever sell one? At church fairs now and again. You may have what the irs calls a home-based business. Just a little taste. That's the most thrilling clip. You can see, it's a thrill a minute. That clip is important to the movie. But it's not the action part of this movie. Right. And you're in great shape. I look at you and I'm like, which one of us played football. First of all. I think that's probably still pretty clear. You're in great shape from "Batman versus Superman." You're doing all these martial arts in this film. Did that training help carry over? That was harder to fake. But it was a lot of work. That was the fun of it. The physical aspect of it. Learning the fights. I'm not wearing a mask. It's harder to slip a stuntman in there. It had to be me doing all that have stuff. I found out I wasn't too old. You're never to old. Cow H you had to do the math. You ged get home, dad, you're an accountant. My oldest is fifth grade. That's pushing my limit right now. Some sixth, seventh grade, I'll be like, ask your teacher, honey. Your character has some challenges. But it can take these challenges and make them unique gifts. What do you home people take away from that? That's one of the nice theems about the movie. It celebrates our difference. It's what makes us special. It profiles someone on the autism spectrum and shows hat they're able to do. I did research with experts. People on the autism spectrum. They were glad the character was autistic, a protagonist in the movie. I'm hoping to make those folks proud. I'm proud of the movie. You should be. I got the message from the film. We saw a clip. Anna Kendrick is your co-star. She'll be here tomorrow. Good. I'm sure she's not watching rite now. Somewhat one little secret? Our chemistry is electric. You're not going to believe it. Amazing. No, she's a -- Anna is one of the most -- she's great for the part. So fun, engaging, interesting. Hen she comes on the screen, she makes my character so withdrawn, they're total opposites. It was a lot of fun splp she pulls a lot out of your character. She's smart, she's funny. She's humming for you to come back. Now, throwback Thursday. We found a little something with you. You love your burger king. Oh, god. Take a look at this. Hello? Hi, is this burger king? Uh, yeah, yeah this is burger king. Would you deliver a chef's salad? Uh, for you, absolutely. ? Do you believe in imagine nick a young girl ars heart ? Yeah. Burger king. You know, that was my first experience with fame at all. Because, like, the economists did a big story about how burger king's campaign is failing, they used a picture of me from that commercial. It makes sense now that I look ate why it didn't work. Is there what would you tell that guy now? One day, there will not just be phones in cars but people will carry them around and have them, you know, be able to walk around with them. And in "The accountant," the first thing I thought, at the end, I thought, your buddy, Matt Damon, is Jason Bourne. You're the accountant. You could give him a run for his money. Who would win? I don't think that's -- that's obvious. I'm embarrassed. The accountant is much more -- That's what I expecteded. It is, to go back to your previous segment, it is a little bit of "Good will hunting" meets Jason Bourne. Matt needs two movies to do what I did many this one. Everyone loves your relationship. You and Matt are figing to be Tom Brady's best friend. Fan gets to pay ten bucks for a chance to hang out with you and have dinner with you and talk to you. And I'm just curse, I'm putting in my bid. Here's ten bucks. Okay. That's my bid. I'll buy your entry. To me, honestly, I would pay just to hang out with Tom Brady. Me and Matt are the side shoe. Look, there's a jets fan over there. But -- to me, he's like, the greatest ever. You know, he's totally my hero. Yeah, Tom Brady. There you go. Go pats. He's an amazing guy. He's really busy. Football season. And, like, I retired. I have free time. I gave you ten bucks. Can you put me in? We can add you to the list, yeah. Because, I mean, it's -- down a ways now. But -- Maybe, maybe this -- that -- that looks so great. I know you're a patriots guy. This is burning you now. Like wearing a yankees Jersey. I feel like catching a football with my helmet. You're trembling. I know it's hurting you a little bit. You know what. You should be very proud of this movie. It's great. It is "The accountant." In theaters everywhere October 14th. Go see Ben Affleck everybody.

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{"duration":"6:24","description":"The actor visits \"GMA\" to dish on \"The Accountant,\" the new crime thriller in which he plays a small-town CPA who works for criminals.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42605559","title":"Ben Affleck on Going From Batman to 'The Accountant'","url":"/GMA/video/ben-affleck-batman-accountant-42605559"}