Ben Stiller Opens Up About Secret Cancer Battle

The "GMA" team of insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
6:39 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Ben Stiller Opens Up About Secret Cancer Battle
Time now for the big board. Our team of insiders standing by to weigh in on top stories and let's start with our own Dr. Richard Besser right here and the story plays off Ben stiller. He's opened up about a recent bout with prostate cancer. Diagnosed two years ago, aggressive form of cancer and talked about it with Howard Stern. At first I didn't know what was going to happen. So I was scared. You know, I was scared. I didn't know -- you know, the one thing it does, it just stops everything in your life when you get a diagnosis of cancer. I was really lucky. As I learned pore about prostate cancer, I learned that, you know, I was someone who had a case that could be treated. A lot of people who can't. Because it's too late. They discover it too late. So, rich, he says he was really lucky. This test was necessary for him. He wouldn't have discovered it. Otherwise, but there's a real debate about this test in so he had a psa test, a screening test for prostate cancer. Would have been high. They would have done a biopsy and found this. But this is a really tricky question. You know, there's no medical organization that recommends that all men have this done and the government panel recommends that men not have this done. So it's a tricky issue and here's why. Most prostate cancer is very slow growing and will cause no harm but this test detecting all prostate cancer. And if you have positive and you have surgery you're convinced it saved your life but the studies looking at psa testing showed little if any effect at all in deaths from prostate cancer and the surgery and raid dwrags from prostate cancer very high complication rate, 0% to 30% of men are left with sexual dysfunction or other problems. There's so much controversy surround this test. What do you think? What do you think a man should do. You'll weigh it differently. People will hear Ben's story and say, wow, I want that test. You never want to have this unless you sit down with your doctor and say, let's talk about the pros and cons. A lot say do the test and get a result then left with, well, it's a little high. What should we do? Wow, I didn't think about that before. I understand not treating it if the treatment is very aggressive and it's not absolutely essential but what's the harm in taking the test? The problem is that 80, 90% of men told when they have a high value go on to have the biopsy. Why not, let's do that test and if shows a problem almost all men have their prostate out. Not just a blood test, it leads to other things that could have harm. Wow. Well, tricky. I got to think about that. Now to good news for tennis star maria sharapova. Her two-year doping ban reduced to 15 months and overnight the grand slam winner sounding off about it on "Charlie rose." Take a look. I was so shocked in the first place because I was taking a substance that was completely legal for ten years and then all of a sudden I'm sitting in my bedroom, I get an e-mail from the itf saying, I had this violation. I just thought how could I have not known this? There were so many ways I could have known and I did not. Well, ABC news contributor Christine Brennan joining us now. Christine, you hear what maria sharapova said, I didn't know. There's so many ways I should have known but she was suspended. Do you think they did the right thing by reducing her sentence? Michael, I do not. I believe that she should have served the full to two-year suspension, rules are rules. If you want to have rules and want to have drug testing, she twice failed the drug test for it and this notion she says, I didn't know, how could I have known? She received up to five e-mails in December of last year telling her this drug was about to be banned and took it for ten year, a performance enhancer. Now she says she's opening e-mails. I like maria sharapova a lot and she's great for the game but this is the dog ate my homework. Isn't it a debate over that? You say it is. She says it isn't and, rich, I want to bring you back in on this. What does it do. It was developed in Latvia to improve endurance and it's believed that it helps you recover -- well, you know, there's not a lot of science that shows it's works but taken for that reason and because it supposedly helps you recover from your workout faster and lets you go longer. Whether or not it truly does that is uncertain. That's why people use it. Wow. Thank you, guys, both and Christine Brennan. Last night's vice presidential debate looking at a little different way. Social media erupted taking aim at the candidates and Jon Karl back with more on that and they were having a lot of fun with this on Twitter, Jon. Absolutely, I think the funniest moment of the debate actually was when the republican party on their website declared Mike pence the clear winner. Now, George, that may not be surprising, but they posted that before the debate started. Oops. So that really is -- stuck out for me and this moment during the debate, take a listen. Donald Trump can't start a Twitter war with miss universe without shooting himself in the foot. He loves dictators and has a permanent Mt. Rushmore. Vladimir Putin, Kim jong-un. Moammar ghadhafi and saddam hussein. So, George, Michael, I used to live about two miles from Mt. Rushmore. After that I spent a fair amount of time trying to imagine Kim jong-un on that. Well, you lived near Mt. Rushmore in yeah, yeah, we can talk about that. Well, you know, there are a lot of funny tweets going around after a debate but do you have a favorite? Yeah, there were a lot of good ones but this one caught my eye. Check this out. If I wanted to watch two white dudes bicker near a woman named elai Elaine, I would just watch "Seinfeld." I thought that was excellent. Did you watch? I channel surfed and found the baseball game much more entertaining. Christine, did you watch? I did watch a part and just surprised Donald Trump did not have another tweet storm at 3:00 this the morning and disappointed in him he wasn't able to do that in Michael, why did Baltimore not pitch Zach Britton, what was that all about. I was watching the debate. I wasn't watching the game. I'm sorry. You guys are channel surfing just about like everybody else. Christine was the best, waiting up for the Donald Trump tweets not coming. All of you, thank you for being with us. Coming up, new concerns

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{"duration":"6:39","description":"The \"GMA\" team of insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42579687","title":"Ben Stiller Opens Up About Secret Cancer Battle","url":"/GMA/video/ben-stiller-opens-secret-cancer-battle-42579687"}