Bengals Re-Sign Devon Still to Pay for Daughter's Cancer Treatment

Still's 4-year-old daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 pediatric cancer in June.
2:01 | 09/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bengals Re-Sign Devon Still to Pay for Daughter's Cancer Treatment
Class act move by an NFL team. The Bengals signed Devin Steele to their practice squad after cutting him. Now his mind was not on the game of football. His daughter battles an illness but the team's move guarantees him a paycheck, health insurance and most importantly more time with his little girl. Devin Steele -- Reporter: For Devin Steele it was a one-two punch. I just broke down in tears and I couldn't stop crying. Reporter: In June his 4-year-old daughter Leah, the energetic light of his life diagnosed with stage 4 pediatric cancer. It was like my whole world turned up side down. Reporter: Steele blindsided for going off-season workouts to spend every moment with her. My dad got a bald head now. You're going to be just like this. Reporter: He shaved his head in solidarity then another blow. The Bengals cutting Steele from the team Saturday. I completely understand where the Bengals were coming from when they cut me because I couldn't give football 100% right now. Reporter: But this morning an emotional second chance. The Bengals offering still a spot on its practice squad providing him with much-needed medical insurance and $6300 a week in salary to help pay for Leah's care. Even better, it means less travel. Keeping him close to the little girl he calls the selfie queen. They could have washed their hands of me and said they didn't care what I was going through off the field. It's kind of like a blessing in disguise for me. Reporter: Both daddy and daughter now determined to return to the game stronger than ever. If we're going to go to battle with cancer then she's willing to put up the fight to beat it. You know, the great thing about that, the team could do anything. They could release a player and you're on your own out in the world. For the Bengals to do that, a classy, classy move, way to go, Bengals. Beautiful little girl. Just like that. Companies and businesses could take a lesson from this. You know, when you need them most, they came through, the Bengals. They can learn. Now to flooding from the

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{"id":25242988,"title":"Bengals Re-Sign Devon Still to Pay for Daughter's Cancer Treatment","duration":"2:01","description":"Still's 4-year-old daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 pediatric cancer in June.","url":"/GMA/video/bengals-sign-devon-pay-daughters-cancer-treatment-25242988","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}