Bernie Sanders Campaign Staffer Fired for Allegedly Accessing Campaign Data

The staffer is accused of tapping into Hillary Clinton's confidential campaign database.
4:20 | 12/18/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bernie Sanders Campaign Staffer Fired for Allegedly Accessing Campaign Data
president now and some trouble for Bernie sanders' campaign ahead of tomorrow's big debate forced to fire a top staffer who improperly accessed Hillary Clinton's campaign files as our new ABC news/"washington post" poll shows Clinton with a commanding lead and we have more from Cecilia Vega in new Hampshire. Reporter: George, good morning to you. The way this is being described if this was the superbowl it would be like Bernie sanders' team getting ahold of the playbook before the big game. It is set for the big debate behind me that happens tomorrow night. Overnight a major campaign violation, a Bernie sanders staffer fired accused of breaking the rules tapping into rival Hillary Clinton's confidential campaign database that contains valuable information about voters from around the country. As a result, the democratic national committee temporarily suspending the Vermont senator's campaign from accessing the party's voter file. A major blow just as the race for the white house heats up before the crucial Iowa caucuses. The sanders' campaign blaming a software flaw saying a glitch briefly allowed them to see ocho other's private data. That's when the breach occurred. A sanders spokesman saying that behavior is unacceptable and that staffer was immediately fired. This new campaign turmoil coming just as sanders, Clinton and former Maryland governor martin O'Malley prepare to face off in the final debate of 2015. Sanders telling "The Huffington post" he's already looking far past election day. I started writing my inauguration speech as opposed to the speech I have to give tomorrow, look, the answer is, yes. Reporter: And there's plenty of supporters who want to see him go all the way. This week the sanders campaign hitting the 2 million contribution mark mainly from small donations less than $30 each. Overnight, Hillary Clinton also racking up campaign cash, her daughter Chelsea there for the first time to help drum up those dollars. The star-studded New York City fund-raiser with celebrities like drew barrymore and Katie Holmes andholmes posting this saying mothers and daughters #wearewithhillary. So far no response from the Clinton team but ramifications for sanders could be huge. It's like being able to ago -- not being able to access voter files could be a real setback in the campaign. You can bet all this will come up right here in New Hampshire tomorrow night. They'll hope that suspension doesn't hold. Cecilia, thanks very much. The debate and the democratic campaign with Matthew dowd, our chief political analyst. We saw that commanding lead for Hillary Clinton, 31 points nationwide but sanders does have some real strength. He does and if you take a look at the comparison between Bernie sanders now and Barack Obama in 2007 when Barack Obama was 28 points behind Hillary Clinton and ended up winning Iowa and then going on and securing the nomination, so they're very much in the same place. Hillary Clinton has a commanding lead. But Bernie sanders just like Donald Trump on the other side is drawing huge crowds. He's got the biggest crowds of anybody other than Donald Trump. He has the largest number of contributors that anybody's ever seen in the course of a presidential race and his voters are very fervent, again, very. Like Donald Trump, so he has a shot, I think the question is is can he overcome -- So far at least he's ahead in New Hampshire according to the most recent polls and saw this strange situation yesterday. Vladimir Putin at his year-end press conference praising Donald Trump and Donald Trump praising him back, a little bit of a bromance developing. Any political implications. They ought to get Silvio berlusconi and call them incredible ego trio. What's going to happen, Donald Trump's supporters will say, that's right. He's not even elected president and people who don't like Donald Trump say they have the support of a dictator from Ruiz. It will split along the supporters and opponents' lines, but his supporters will love the fact that Putin is saying great things about Donald Trump. Okay, Matthew dowd, thanks very much. We'll be headed to New Hampshire and our whole political team will be there with the debate moderated by David Muir and Martha Raddatz. I'll anchor special coverage at 8:00 and live Sunday morning with "This week."

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"The staffer is accused of tapping into Hillary Clinton's confidential campaign database.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35837317","title":"Bernie Sanders Campaign Staffer Fired for Allegedly Accessing Campaign Data","url":"/GMA/video/bernie-sanders-campaign-staffer-fired-allegedly-accessing-campaign-35837317"}