Best Deals on Black Friday

The "GMA" team of insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
6:14 | 11/25/16

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Transcript for Best Deals on Black Friday
Time for our big board. Our team of insiders standing by live with more on this morning's top stories. Kate Coyne from "People" magazine is here at the desk. Good morning. Good morning. We'll grill you in a moment. We'll start with Black Friday shoppers already taking advantage of specials early this morning so what kind of bargains are still out there. Becky Worley joins us from Walmart labs where they're tracking all the sales and hunting down the deals. Becky, give us a glimpse of how Black Friday is panning out, how the holiday season is panning out thus far? Yeah, good morning, Dan. I am basically inside the internet and my big board is bigger than your big board. No. That's because -- it's true, yes, yes, that's because they have all the data from everything they sold yesterday and continuing in realtime on They sold more -- took more orders per minute than they ever have in history and tell me when you look at all the TVs they sold yesterday, if you laid them flat it would cover disneyland. There were so many TVs sold yesterday. Online sales up 14% yesterday from last Thanksgiving. Amazon telling me that they had their bigger Black Friday, whatever this thing is, it used to be called Thanksgiving but now it's thanks Black Friday Monday cyberthing. They had that start and it was bigger than it was for them the previous year. had their biggest day ever yesterday. A lot of people buying online. All right, your big board may be bigger but ours has you in it so we like ours better. Have to say. What are some of the big Dees you're tracking, Becky? Some interesting ones. says this is selling like crazy. It's Google home. This is a digital assistant. It's voice driven and competing with Alexa or echo, $99 off from $129 normally. Let's move over to the iPad pro at target. It is on sale for $449. That's down from $599, a very good deal for that 9.7-inch iPad. Want to go to phone, a lot of people interested in phones. So iPad -- we got iPhone 7 deals today and Samsung galaxy deals in store at Walmart, Best Buy, target. You don't get a discount but $250 off. A lot of people shopping in-store and online. I don't know. Bargains galore. Hers is interactive. It just moved. She's showing off now. Rubbing it in. Once you order the holiday gives how do you make sure you get them? We've seen reportsen thieves snagging packages right off your front porch and this is prime season for deliveries. Brad Garrett is back. What kind of high-tech solutions are out there to prevent theft? This is a huge, huge problem. 20 plus million packages by the so-called porch pirates. You've got cameras you can place at your front door. Monitor via your phone. There's motion sensors you can place when a package has been set down. You will get -- give an alert and also it will tell you if the package has been moved. So those are the primary tech things can you do. Okay, so when dealing -- are there low-tech ways to deal with porch pirates like a dog or something like that? Well, maybe a dog, Dan, but my suggestion is the following. Talk to U.P.S., FedEx, the postal service, have them hold the packages at the post office at a terminal. That's the key. Have it delivered to a neighbor, a relative. That's the other one and the last is that you have the package delivered to a delivery service who will then personally bring it to you at an appointed time. 10:00 at night. Whenever you are home. The key is you do not let packages stay at your front door. Brad, thank you very much. Somebody tries to take our packages our cats will cut them. You have mean cats. No, I was totally lying with all of the aforementioned. Time to talk about the movies. A lot of big name titles opening up including "Moana" from our parent company Disney. Here's a look at that. When you use a bird to write with, it's called tweeting. I know, not every day you get a chance to meet your hero. You are not my hero. All right. Joining us now "People" magazine's Kate Coyne. I got to ask, this is typically the time of year where studios release movies they anticipate will generate some sort of Oscar buzz. What are you seeing? Certainly it is all about "Moana" at this moment. The biggest film to hit the box office, possibly all year. It's going to be massive, even bigger than the rock himself. It's going to be huge. The other contender to that in terms of impact on the box office is "Star wars" "Rogue one" and geeks and nongeeks will be flocking to it, I think. In terms of Oscar potential, however, you got to be looking at much quieter film, not your big, big blockbusters. I think a real front-runner at this point in one word is "Fences." Denzel Washington's directorial debut and I'm just going to say it right now, Viola Davis just won her Oscar. In heard it here. I've seen Manchester by the sea and "Moonlight" and they are incredible. I think they will get best picture nominations. I don't know if they'll win now that that category is so luge. They're in as nominees I think most definitely. Quickly around the horn favorite holiday movie? I have -- toss-up between meet me in St. Louis going old school or "Christmas story." Brad? "How the grinch stole Christmas." They we go. Becky, what's yours? "Home alone." All right. Becky, I'm right with Brad. I don't know if it's an insight into my FBI brain but "How the grinch stole Christmas." Disappointed no one mentioned "Elf." Except you. Yes. We'll talk to you soon. Coming up, the way that cyberthieves Aring itting online

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{"id":43772387,"title":"Best Deals on Black Friday","duration":"6:14","description":"The \"GMA\" team of insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","url":"/GMA/video/best-deals-black-friday-43772387","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}