The best fashion from the 2017 Grammys

ABC News' Jesse Palmer brings the best fashion moments from the star-studded night.
4:54 | 02/13/17

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Transcript for The best fashion from the 2017 Grammys
red hot last night at the grammy awards. Music's biggest night. Also huge for fashion, Beyonce rocking the stage in a regal gown and that was just one, Lara, of the show stopping moments. Absolutely. We go back to Jesse first in los Angeles. You were right there on the red carpet. Fill us in. That's right, guys. You know, some of the stars here try to make a statement. Some of the designers want to make a fame for themselves but everyone and I mean everyone tries to get noticed at the grammys. ??? Hello from the other side ??? Reporter: From hitting the high notes to low plunging necklines, grammy's fashion dazzling with sparkles, sequin, lots of cutouts and some definite eye catchers. Lady gaga turning heads on the red carpet. Her outfit creating quite a stir. Winner of both album, record and song of the year, Adele glowing in a green givenchy gown said to have been planned months in advance. Taking over 1600 hours reportedly to make. Adele just walked by and she went like she's very excited. Reporter: You just speed it up. From chance the rapper in gray. I won a grammy already. Reporter: To Jason derulo. The ladies oftentimes get a lot of attention but you're representing for the fellas tonight. Appreciate it, man. I had to. Reporter: And red a big color with two great women of country, Carrie Underwood and faith wood both sizzling in Scarlett. Beyonce's final dress, a head to toe sequin design. But it was daughter blue ivy who stole the show. Out in a pink suit reportedly designed by Gucci reminiscent of the late artist prince. Hi, baby. Reporter: Celebrating her mom's two grammy wins of the night. And blue ivy's pink outfit was reminiscent of one her mom wore when she dressed in pink to perform with prince at the 2004 grammys, robin and Lara. Looked like you had a great time, Jesse, thank you for that. For more on the trends, we're going to bring in Joe zee, editor in chief of Yahoo -- Hello, ladies. Jennifer Lopez caught my eye. Stunning. No stranger to making an -- to wearing an internet breaking dress. You know that famous green dress she wore back in 2000. Knows how to turn heads. It's really -- Ralph & Russo. Custom dress. She wanted to do something still sexy but a little bit provocative at the same time but also classic. I think for her. My favorite, I know we've mentioned her before but blue ivy wearing Gucci. Oh my god. So cute. So adorable. We don't get to see her. She is such a fashion style play. The way she looks, that picture really is so adorable in that pink suit. Jumped right up. I know. She's like, mom, you wore the sparkly dress, I'll do the tuxedo. Her mom owning her pregnancy. Both those dresses, red and gold performance dress, the first for Peter dunndas who used to design for Cavalli. What were some of the biggest trends you saw? You know what I love about the grammy, right in the middle of awards season but the rules of the grammys is anything goes so always less is more and like you saw with gaga and everybody, just really you can embrace skin as much as you want on a grammy red carpet. The gaga outfit -- there she is. Yeah, there was a lot of cleavage and we saw the keyholes of the country stars, I was saying Faith Hill, I loved -- Carrie Underwood and. Twinning with Carrie Underwood, literally who wore it best? I think when you look at both, ooh. They should have called each other maybe but they look stunning. Absolutely. So did you have one that you loved -- we've told you who caught our eye. I have to say I loved Adele. It was her big night. I mean she was so emotional. I felt like I wanted to be with her the whole time. She wore givenchy. All three looks, the green dress she arrived in and performance dresses and took months to plan. I think it took 1600 hours. 1600. There were people working on it in the atelier and last dresses that Ricardo designed before he left. Feels comfortable. She just feels -- that's what's so important. She knows her body and what works for her and all three were different but very much who she is. Yeah. All right. You know what's coming? We'll have to call this guy. Oscars. Oh. We need a little advice. You guys always look great, though. I have to say. There is a difference. I was not fishing.

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{"duration":"4:54","description":"ABC News' Jesse Palmer brings the best fashion moments from the star-studded night. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45445073","title":"The best fashion from the 2017 Grammys ","url":"/GMA/video/best-fashion-2017-grammys-45445073"}