Best Fourth of July deals

ABC News' Becky Worley has tips on where to find the best prices this holiday weekend.
2:20 | 07/02/17

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Transcript for Best Fourth of July deals
The fourth of July weekend is in full swing and retailers are not only celebrating, but they're apparently discounting as well. A story I could get behind. Becky Worley joins us now. Becky, you say the holidays are now for sales That's right, Cecilia. Almost every holiday is now a sale holiday. If you have big purchases to make in the near future, this is good for@your strategy. Plan on July 4th. Labor day for discounts. So this weekend and all next week really, first look for big storewide blanket discounts, one example Calvin Klein has an extra 50% off sitewide and store wide. Another big one, Ralph Lauren, big sale, and an extra 30% off your purchase. Everybody loves those blanket discounts at the end of the purchase. To avoid buying in season. You know, that's usually good advice, but, you know, you kind of don't get the summer items on sale when you need them the most but sometimes like July 4th is an opportunity where some might crop up. Kmart has 40% off of swimwear. 50% off of patio furniture. Lowe's as barbecue stuff on sale and think about outdoor items. I'm looking forward, planning a fish trip with my kids. Dick's sporting goods has a few entry-level fishing poles, basically half off, 30 bucks for two and have another deal, this one is critical. Life vests, buy one, get one free. That purchase doesn't just save money. I wouldn't have pegged Becky as a fisher woman. The barbecue I bought last weekend I should have waited to buy this weekend. Buyer's remorse. Calling out a pretty couple cool deals for vets? I love both of these. Macy's teamed up with veterans organization called got your six like got your back that helps vets find jobs. If you donate just 3 bucks in store or online, Macy's will give you a 25% off coupon active now. Walgreens has a different tact. All veterans and families get 20% off most inventory. This is in store only. But a great opportunity at a drugstore to save on the basics. That is really cool. Great idea. Thanks, Becky. Have a great holiday. Happy fourth. Catch a lot of fish. Woo! Still surprised. Coming up on "Gma" getting

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{"id":48400020,"title":"Best Fourth of July deals","duration":"2:20","description":"ABC News' Becky Worley has tips on where to find the best prices this holiday weekend.","url":"/GMA/video/best-fourth-july-deals-48400020","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}